NASCAR: RFK Racing’s L2-Level Penalty Appeal to Be Heard on April 7

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

A date has been set by NASCAR to hear an appeal from RFK Racing on the L2-level penalty assessed to the team and driver Brad Keselowski. So, the date that it will be heard is on April 7. Keselowski and his team received the penalties after the NASCAR Cup Series race at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Three members of the National Motorsports Appeal Panel will meet and consider the appeal.

NASCAR Will Consider Appeal From RFK Racing On Penalty Assessed

These L2-level penalties were assessed by competition officials last week. They were handed down in response to an inspection of the No. 6 Ford. The inspection took place at the NASCAR Research & Development Center.

It revealed that modifications were one to a Next Gen-specific body panel on the car. Keselowski was docked 100 points and the team also lost 100 points in their standings. Additionally, they lost 10 playoff points and were issued a $100,000 fine and a four-race suspension to crew chief Matt McCall.

This penalty really hurt Keselowski in the Cup Series standings. He went from 16th to 35th. But he’s now in 34th after finishing in 14th at the Circuit of The Americas. We get more from NASCAR.

Keselowski Among Other Drivers Who Have Received Penalties After Races

Keselowski did say that his team was focused on looking ahead. “Just try to move forward here,” he said. There have been other drivers who have received sizeable penalties during their time on the track. They vary sometimes due to the different times that these drivers were in the NASCAR world. Still, they hurt.

We take a look at what happened to Richard Petty. In 1983, he just won the Miller High Life 400 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. During the post-race inspection, it was found that his car had left-side tires installed on the right side. Toss in that his engine was 23 cubic inches above regulation size.

All of that getting around the rules cost him a $35,000 fine and a loss of 104 points. But Petty got to keep his victory at Charlotte. Sometimes, it’s good to be the King. Then we run into the story of Jeff Gordon.

Let’s turn the clock back to the 1995 Coca-Cola 600. Ray Evernham, who was Gordon’s crew chief at the time, got a $60,000 fine. That’s heavy money circa 1995. It might not look as big compared to other penalties but that bad boy was a record fine. Yep. At the time, it sure was.

So, Gordon finished 33rd in the race. NASCAR officials got some suspicions about that right front wheel. It suffered a malfunction early in the race. That post-race inspection revealed that Gordon’s team was “using suspension parts that did not meet NASCAR specifications.”