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NASCAR: Richard Childress’s 1 Million Rounds of Ammo Donated To Ukraine Are Waiting at the Border

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

Earlier this month, NASCAR team owner Richard Childress promised to send ammunition over to Ukraine to help in their fight against the Russian invasion. Now, one million rounds sit at the Ukrainian border waiting to be processed and distributed to soldiers and citizens.

According to Fox News, Childress sits on the board of directors for AMMO Inc. He called up AMMO Inc. CEO Fred Wagenhals a few weeks ago and said he wanted to do what he could to answer President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s call for help.

“We just had to help. I heard the president say, ‘We don’t want to leave, I need ammo,'” Childress told Fox News.

Per USA Today, Wagenhals said the $700,000 shipment arrived in just three days. But it sat on the Ukrainian border for the last week or so due to paperwork issues.

“It is very close to being received,” Wagenhals said. “It is sitting right at the border, waiting on the defense minister of Ukraine to pick it up in the proper place.”

When Richard Childress first announced his decision to donate ammunition to Ukraine, he told Fox News that Americans should be paying attention to the situation.

“This is a wake-up call for America,” he said. “It’s why we have to have our Second Amendment. To see the people in Ukraine fighting… It’s terrible to see the lives that are being lost over there. And it’s just – we have to do all we can.”

That’s why Childress and Wagenhals made ammunition production for Ukraine a “number one priority” in recent weeks.

NASCAR Fans React to Richard Childress Donating One Million Ammunition Rounds to Ukraine

Many NASCAR fans applaud Richard Childress for his decision to send ammunition to Ukraine. Including Fox News contributor Joey Jones, who interviewed Childress earlier.

“That’s the American spirit,” Jones said. “I mean, Richard [Childress] started his racing empire with a $20 racecar and now he’s able to be an owner in an ammo company that’s gonna help a democracy fight tyranny. That’s what the American spirit is all about.”

Other fans also voiced their support when NASCAR on NBC posted about Childress’s decision.

“A true American!” one NASCAR fan commented. Another person said, “He’s a true hero.”

“Did you hear Richard Childress is giving the Ukraine military one million rounds of ammo? Hell yeah!” one person wrote earlier.

Someone else quote tweeted the post and said, “I like it when people put their money where their mouth is.”

“I don’t care to get political on social media, but as a longtime #NASCAR and @RCRracing fan, this is some good ol’ fashioned southern ‘security assistance’ right here,” a different fan wrote.

All in all, people support Childress’s decision to provide ammunition. Relief efforts continue around the world, from celebrities and nonprofits.