NASCAR: Richard Childress Compares Kyle Busch to Dale Earnhardt Sr.

by Jonathan Howard

Richard Childress Racing might be losing Tyler Reddick to 23XI in a couple of years, but the Kyle Busch signing changes everything. You reload with a proven NASCAR champion and to put him in an iconic car like the No. 8 is something that fans are ready to see. Busch is clearly one of the best drivers ever and when you put him up against his contemporaries, only Jimmie Johnson has been more successful.

Of course, Richard Childress is ecstatic to have some firepower like Rowdy on his team. Austin Dillon is a driver that could really benefit from having a teammate relationship with Kyle Busch. And, there’s a driver that Childress thinks of when he thinks of his new signee.

“We started talking and we talked about championships. And we talked about winning races,” the team owner said. “I looked at him in his eye and I seen that look in Dale Earnhardt Sr.’s eye. He’s like, ‘We’re gonna win.’ I’d seen that look before and watching Kyle, I watched his talent for many years since he started in the Busch Series. Just how he handles a car the guard control, the way he drives a car, and take no prisoner attitude. That’s the Dale Earnhardt style that I was accustomed to racing with. And I think Kyle has that modern style of racing that Dale Earnhardt had in his time.”

That is just about the highest praise you can get in the sport of NASCAR. Richard Childress has been around. He’s seen a thing or two, in case you didn’t see those great old cars in the background of that video. While Dillon and Reddick have done their best to represent that brand and those iconic No. 3 and No. 8 cars – Kyle Busch is the real deal.

Richard Childress Racing Signs Kyle Busch

The 2022 season was tabbed as a silly season pretty early on. Brand new cars, no information really on them for these teams until they race. There have been growing pains, contracts have come to an end and negotiations over many drivers have been made. Not to mention all the other things that go on in the background during driver negotiations that we will never know about until they make the documentary.

So, that’s to say – RCR knocked it out of the park. When Joe Gibbs Racing wasn’t ready to offer Busch what he wanted – Childress was there. Of course, almost every team tried to get a piece of the Candyman. However, only one would get that signature.

You lose Reddick in 2024 to 23XI Racing. It stinks because Reddick has the potential to drive for championships. But in the interim, you’ve signed Busch and will have three very competitive drivers for 2023.

Big win for RCR and for Kyle Busch.