NASCAR: Richmond Becomes Fourth Track Where Denny Hamlin Has At Least Four Wins

by Chase Thomas

NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin is a veteran of the sport. At 41-years-old, Hamlin has competed in a lot of races over the years. And yet, the veteran driver is still at the peak of his powers as Hamlin just took home the checkered flag on Sunday in Richmond. With the victory in Richmond, that track becomes the fourth track where Hamlin has at least four victories. That’s both consistent and impressive. Now, you might be wondering what the other three tracks are. Well, they include Martinsville, Darlington, and Pocono as a matter of fact.

Incredible stuff from one of NASCAR’s finest veteran drivers Denny Hamlin.

NASCAR’s official Twitter account tweeted, “[email protected] is now the fourth track on the schedule where @dennyhamlin has at least four wins The others? Pocono, Martinsville and Darlington.”

Hamlin Wins at NASCAR Race in Richmond

Denny Hamlin won in an unforgettable fashion on Sunday afternoon at the NASCAR race in Richmond. He narrowly edged out a fellow NASCAR veteran in Kevin Harvick, who placed second in the race. Hamlin told NASCAR after, “Just drove as hard as I could. So proud of this whole FedEx Camry team, they just never gave up.” As the story goes, Hamlin and his team employed a different strategy than Martin Truex Jr. and William Byron. The latter two’s strategy did not pay off. However, Hamlin and Harvick performed a similar one, where they changed tires with fifty laps to go and it obviously paid dividends.

Hamlin continued, “There was no doubt in my mind, maybe just a little, but they got this car right there towards the end.” He concluded, “Wow, this is just unbelievable. We needed a data point, something, a good run to kind of balance ourselves on other tracks. Obviously, I think we got it here.”

Kevin Harvick Comes Up Just Short at Richmond

Kevin Harvick came up just short in Richmond on Sunday afternoon. It was a heartbreaker for Harvick, as it would have been the first victory for the veteran in the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series. He said after, “Really it’s the first clean day we’ve had all year.” He continued, “The cars have been fast and we had a shot there at the end just, I wanted to be close enough at the white [flag] to just take a swipe at him but the lapped cars got in the way and I lost a little bit of ground. Still a great day for us and hopefully a little bit of momentum.”

It just was not meant to be for Harvick on Sunday afternoon. However, he will have a lot of other opportunities to win a race this season. There is still a lot of driving to be done in the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series.