NASCAR: Ross Chastain Gives His Perspective After Wreck During M&M’s Fan Appreciation 400

by Jonathan Howard

UPDATE: After the race, Denny Hamlin was disqualified after his car failed post-race inspection. Kyle Busch was also disqualified by NASCAR. The third-place finisher Chase Elliott was declared the winner. The fourth of the season for the current points leader.

Ross Chastain was battling for the lead, but NASCAR veteran Denny Hamlin would cash in on the payback he owed the No. 1 Chevy. We’ve known that something like this was coming for a while. However, it wasn’t as deliberate as many expected. Sometimes, payback happens in the moment of the race. That’s what it looked like when Chastain was on the outside of Hamlin after a late restart.

Ryan Blaney had just spun out for the caution flag. On the restart, with 19 laps to go, Chastain was riding on the right hip of Hamlin and Denny was not giving up an inch of the track. Boom. Into the wall.

“I think that’s something that’s been owed to me for a few months now,” he said after he was taken out of the medical area. “I’m proud of the effort by Trakckhouse and everybody on this Worldwide Express car. It’s week in and week out we keep bringing fast Chevy Camaros and everybody at Advent Health and Moose and Jockey to keep bringing bullets like that and keep bringing fast cars. It’s a testament to GM and everybody at Chevrolet. So yeah, another fast one and we’ll be back in Indy.”

“I’ve been owed that and probably some more for a few months now, so yeah.”

Denny Hamlin Reacts to Ross Chastain Incident

Of course, Hamlin was asked about the moment after winning the race. He was just out of the car and knew it was coming. But, did the 49-time race winner care? Not at all. There’s been a rift between the old and the young drivers. Hamlin wanted to make sure those young guys were still paying attention.

If you thought that Denny would feel bad after this wreck, congrats on watching your first NASCAR race. Fedus, drama, and all that extra stuff make this sport so much fun. As long as no one gets hurt, it adds to the excitement. Everyone knew what was coming on that restart. The question was just, when?

“What did you want me to do what did you expect me to do? We got position on him and he just ran out of race track,” Hamlin admitted.

“We’re just going to keep racing hard until we get the respect back from these guys. It’s not just that, we’ve been wrecked four times, twice while leading in the last 10 months and I’m just at the end of it.”

I don’t think this feud will ever die down. And that’s great. Ross Chastain and Denny Hamlin can go at it as many times as they like. The fans, the ones cheering and booing, were all on the edge of their seats watching it go down.