NASCAR: Ryan Blaney Chucks HANS Device on Track at Erik Jones’ Car

by Megan Molseed

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum has seen its share of impressive events. And, this weekend, the long-standing venue hosted something outside of the norm with an impressive NASCAR match-up. The sheer fact that the NASCAR Next Gen cars debuted on this unique track was certainly a source of excitement Sunday. However, there were some big feelings on the track. Some of which resulted in some ill feelings – and a HANS device hitting the track.

The quarter-mile track in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on which the racers were competing Sunday created some super close confines for the racers. The competition was fierce as the twenty-three car field featured some major NASCAR champs such as Joey Logano, Kyle Busch, as well as defending champion Kyle Larson. But, all eyes were on two drivers at one point during the Sunday race as the cramped track led to some vehicle contact; mechanical failures; and apparently, some hurt feelings.

During the race, Ryan Blaney was not pleased with the contact his vehicle received from Erik Jones during the laps. The contact reportedly caused a mechanical failure in Blaney’s car. As a result, the NASCAR driver chose to chuck his HANS device out of his vehicle from the infield onto the racing surface; and towards Jones.

Sunday Brought Some Big Feelings To Premiere NASCAR Match-Up At L.A. Coliseum

Of course, the NASCAR Twitter page was quick to point out the unusual activity on the track.

“@Blaneyis not happy with @Erik_Jones!” the NASCAR Twitter page notes in a February six post.

The Tweet includes some video of Blaney reacting to his chucking of the device. And clearly, emotions were high on the NASCAR track at the moment.

“He just wants to destroy me for seventh,” Blaney says after his #12 left the track Sunday afternoon.

“Don’t really make no sense,” the NASCAR driver notes.

“Run into the back of you and killed our car,” Ryan Blaney continues of the confrontation.

“Yeah, I was mad,” the NASCAR driver adds. “But you’ll have that.”

Joey Logano took over the lead from iconic NASCAR champion Kyle Busch driving home a win at the Coliseum’s Busch Light Clash which sets the stage as the 2022 NASCAR season opener. This is Joey Logano’s second win in the annual preseason. Clash event.

Aside from the on-the-track clashes between #43 and #12, the L.A. Coliseum Busch Light Clash matchup marked some pretty amazing “firsts.” It was the very first time the Next Gen cars hit the track to race head to head. It was also the first NASCAR race to take place on the newly established quarter-mile L.A. Coliseum track.