NASCAR: Ryan Blaney Shares His Thoughts on Richmond Incident Between Ross Chastain, Kyle Busch

by Nick Geddes

There aren’t too many drivers in the NASCAR Cup Series who don’t have beef with Ross Chastain. Ryan Blaney is an outlier, as he has steered clear of conflict with the driver of the No. 1 car this season.

Appearing this week on NASCAR Race Hub, Blaney commented on the incident that took place at Richmond Sunday between Chastain and Kyle Busch. Busch’s No. 18 M&M’s Toyota Camry took a spin after — you guessed it — Chastain ran into his left rear. Busch was the latest to use the term “Chastained” to describe what happened after the race.

Ryan Blaney, however, didn’t see it that way. He chalked it up as a mere “racing incident.”

“I have not got Chastained. That one to me, honestly, that looked like a racing incident of Ross was kind of middle of [Turn] 3, and the space just kind of closed up. And you’re on new tires so, you kind of get in the corner a little bit harder than you probably should. New tires at Richmond were such low air pressure. They seemed to chatter hard. That looked like a racing incident to me.”

Kyle Busch Disagrees With Ryan Blaney of Contact With Ross Chastain

Just after the restart to begin Stage 3, Ross Chastain drove hard into Turn 3 and moved up the track. He caught the left rear of Busch, spinning himself out in the process. Busch was “Chastained,” a term many drivers have used this season.

Busch, who rallied to finish 9th, didn’t hold back after the race on his feelings of Chastain.

“[We] were looking OK and in a good spot just coming up through there, working our way methodically through the field with our M&M’s Toyota Camry,” Busch said. “We got Chastained this week. We were his victim this week.”

Blaney did agree that some of the incidents involving Chastain this season have not looked good. Many of them have involved Joe Gibbs Racing drivers, who are at their wits end with Chastain.

“It makes it look definitely worse from what has happened earlier this year,” Blaney said. “Especially with the Gibbs camp.”