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NASCAR: Ryan Blaney’s Pennzoil 400 Comes to an End After Colliding With a Spinning Keselowski

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

Ryan Blaney had his NASCAR Pennzoil 400 race experience come to an end on Sunday after colliding with Brad Keselowski. You hate to see it happen to any driver as they are out looking to get points for the NASCAR Cup Series. Still, any race fan knows that crashes are part of the deal at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. They are at any race track where these drivers are going really fast all the time. For Ryan Blaney, though, he got tagged with another driver.

NASCAR Driver Ryan Blaney Had Pennzoil 400 Day Come To Early End

How did it all go down with Ryan Blaney seeing his Pennzoil 400 day end? Well, we get a view of the hit as well as some of his comments.

That’s a tough way to go out. Brad Keselowski is still out on the track while Blaney is back behind the pits.

The Pennzoil 400 got off to a stellar start, though. Country music star Tiera belted out the National Anthem. Young up-and-coming driver Christopher Bell happened to ride in the pole position. He led all the NASCAR Cup Series drivers into Turn 1.

Driver Found A Way To Have Fun During Xfinity Series Race

But Blaney did have some fun on Saturday during the Xfinity Series race. He stopped by the FS1 booth and Adam Alexander was in there, too.

Well, Blaney thought it would be cool to make a visit. He happened to be, well, in the right place. The telecast took a commercial break. Alexander took advantage of the time out and left the booth. Nature was making a call and he was answering it, so to speak.

See, he did go take a quick trip but got mixed up. Alexander was nowhere to be seen as the FS1 broadcast started up again.

Blaney took advantage of the situation and turned into an impressionist. He did his best Adam Alexander voice. Apparently, it was good enough to offer some laughs inside the booth.

Alexander did finally return. But he admitted that he made a wrong turn into a different booth. He showed up and was looking for his headset. Whoops. Good thing that the NASCAR driver was there for a moment.

Here’s another tidbit from the NASCAR race for fans to know. Driver Ross Chastain had country music legend Dolly Parton on his car at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.