NASCAR Senior VP Admits Officials Made a Mistake, Denny Hamlin Furious

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

In case you didn’t notice, last night during the NASCAR Cup Series race at Texas, Denny Hamlin was spun out under caution. After some hard racing between himself and William Byron, Byron took things into his own hands. He gave a bump to Hamlin, we’ve seen it happen with other drivers in the past. But it was a bit of a hard hit.

Denny Hamlin was spun out into the infield and then lost his position on the track. He went from being in contention to win to dropping near the 20s. No official made a ruling on it at the moment. Despite the replay being shown on TV multiple times, Senior VP Scott Miller admitted that NASCAR missed the incident.

“If we had seen that good enough to react to it in real-time, which we should have, no excuse there. There would probably have been two courses of action, one would be to put Hamlin back where he was. Or the other would be to have made William [Byron] start in the back.”

Miller said they did not have the cameras or angles to see the issue at hand. There may be a decision made in the future by NASCAR on the matter.

Denny Hamlin Mad Over NASCAR’s Mistake

That doesn’t really help Denny Hamlin out though, and besides that, the driver is not happy, at all.

“They missed it?” Hamlin tweeted. “What a f*#k joke. It played on the screen 5 times during caution.”

As for getting his spot back during the race Hamlin went on and said, “We were on the radio yelling at them what happened. I challenged my spot. What are they doing up there then?”

While Miller said that they didn’t have the in-car camera for the No. 24 of William Byron, fans online were quick to point out that NASCAR tweeted the video out during the race. It showed Byron not just bumping Denny Hamlin but clearly driving into his rear end way too fast.

What do you think, Outsiders? Is there going to be any meaningful repercussions after the fact now that NASCAR has admitted to making a mistake? These are two NASCAR playoff drivers. Hamlin was lucky enough to drive himself back up into a P10 finish, but the damage was done.

Like Hamlin said last night after the race, he’s just going to add this to “The List” and make sure he remembers it when the time is right.