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NASCAR: Take a Look at Kyle Busch’s Upcoming Paint Scheme

by Chase Thomas
Photo by Allan Hamilton/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

NASCAR superstar driver Kyle Busch is going to have a different look on Sunday. Indeed, Busch has a new paint scheme for the No. 18 car. It’s going to be an M&M’s Crunchy Cookie paint scheme on Sunday. He will use the paint scheme for seven races this season. It begins on Sunday in Richmond.

Beyond The Flag reported on the news saying, “On Tuesday, @KyleBusch and @mmschocolate unveiled a new Crunchy Cookie paint scheme that is set to be featured on his No. 18 @JoeGibbsRacing Toyota Camry in seven upcoming races, including this Sunday’s race @RichmondRaceway.”

It is a fun-looking design that certainly catches the eye. On it, fans will see all sorts of colors and logos for the new M&M flavor.

Kyle Busch on COTA

Kyle Busch has had an interesting start to the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series season. He still has some work to do before he can be certain he makes the playoffs in 2022.

However, there are a lot of reasons for optimism for the Joe Gibbs Racing driver. He said, “I think the car is fine. We are all trying to figure it out and learn what it potentially is and what it is that makes it go fast, what the knobs are that you need to turn at particular places.” He’s happy with where the car is. They are still learning as they go. Every driver and team in NASCAR is still getting used to the Next Gen cars.

He added, “I feel like we’ve had decent speed everywhere we’ve been except Phoenix. Phoenix was really bad. Vegas, we were fast – coulda, shoulda, woulda. California, we were OK, worked on it, and came back from five laps down. Picked up 10 spots in five laps. Last week was fast. Probably one of the fastest cars in the field and just got caught up in a wreck. We don’t really have anything to show for this year, which is disappointing. No stage points. That’s about it.”

As the season has gone along, Busch has gotten to be more comfortable with everything. As of right now, Busch sits in the No. 11 position in the NASCAR Cup Series standings. To this point, he has one top-5 finish with zero victories. Chase Elliott also does not have a victory to start this NASCAR Cup Series season, but he is No. 1 in points at 208.

Busch has time, though. There is no reason to panic for Busch and his team. Perhaps with his new look in Richmond that will be the day that he and his team breakthrough in 2022 and grab a victory. A top-5 finish would also be very beneficial to Kyle Busch.