NASCAR: Take a Look at the LA Coliseum from Above

by Jonathan Howard

The track is built and everything is almost ready for the start of the NASCAR season. The Busch Light Clash at the LA Coliseum is just days away!

When you have such a historic venue, you gotta go all out. NASCAR seems to have done that. The aerial view of the coliseum looks amazing. While you might be used to seeing a 400m track for running, baseball, or football fields at the stadium, this is a new sport coming to the hallowed halls.

This Sunday is the big day and there will be a lot of hoopla between now and the big day. However, we do have our first pics of the stadium as a whole. NASCAR posted an overhead shot like the Goodyear blimp would have taken back in the day. It looks so good, and that’s without the fans and, of course, the racers.

Check out the tweet below and see for yourself.

Things are actually going to get started this Saturday for NASCAR drivers. There are going to be qualifying rounds. No one has driven this course before, so everyone is coming in brand new. The qualifying heats are going to get us our field for Sunday. After four heat races, the field will be almost complete and ready to go.

While most of the drivers will move through during the heats, there will be a last chance qualifying round for other drivers. Those that didn’t perform well will get to race in one of two of these races that will last 50 laps. Top-3 finishers in those races will move through to fill out the 17-22 positions.

Kyle Larson is going to get the automatic entry no matter what happens in his qualifying rounds. The NASCAR driver with the most points from 2021 that didn’t qualify otherwise gets an auto-bid.

NASCAR Favorites for Busch Light Clash

The Busch Light Clash is going to be the first race of the new NASCAR Cup Series season. Things are going to be different than usual. With this being the first time that Daytona hasn’t hosted the opener in 40 years, it is a big deal. NASCAR is trying out new ideas like this to make the product better on the track and attract new audiences.

With 150 laps for the Clash itself, this is going to be a quick one. A break will happen at lap 75. So, who is going to be the favorite here? There are already some odds that fans can pick through. 2021 Cup Series champ Larson is sixth in terms of odds. Kevin Harvick and Martin Truex Jr are the odds on favorites with +550 odds.

So, NASCAR fans, what are we going to see this weekend? Will this be a big victory for one of the favorites? Or are there going to be some surprises along the way? Not much longer until we find out the answers to those questions and more.