NASCAR: This Kyle Busch Interview After He Wrecked at Atlanta Is Peak Kyle Busch

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Star NASCAR driver Kyle Busch was in peak interview form after his wreck during the Folds Of Honor QuickTrip 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

Busch, of course, competes full-time in the NASCAR Cup Series. He’s the driver of the No. 18 Toyota Camry for Joe Gibbs Racing. Busch currently sits at ninth on the all-time Cup wins list with 59. That is the most out of any active driver. However, despite all of his professional experience, Busch has been known in the past to get a little frustrated after a tough day at the track.

That’s exactly what happened when he was asked a couple of questions following Sunday’s Cup Series race. Busch and Austin Dillon collided at the end of Stage 1.

Question One: “Can you talk about what happened with the three first of all, please?”

“I don’t know, it got loose,” he said.

Question Two: “This type of racing, is it making you more of an entertainer than a driver?”

“Yep,” Busch responded sarcastically.

Question Three: “Do you like this version of Atlanta better than the old one?”

“Nope,” Busch replied.

As you can tell, Busch was extremely short with the media. The two-time Cup Series champion then walked away and threw his hat off to the side. Check out the clip down below for yourself:

NASCAR Fans Have Mixed Feelings About Kyle Busch Interview

Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Kyle Busch isn’t entertaining. By the sounds of it, most NASCAR fans online would agree.

“Kyle never fails to entertain,” one fan commented on the video.

But there are plenty of fans who are on Kyle Busch’s side on this one. As a matter of fact, one person thinks that NASCAR should implement a new rule that stops the media from interviewing drivers for at least 24 hours following a race. They say it would help some of the drivers keep their composure.

“I like Kyle,” a second fan admitted. “One thing I don’t like about the media is that they should wait 24 hours to ask any questions! Let him or any racer gain some composure after trouble.”

Meanwhile, a couple of other people suggested that Busch’s behavior during Sunday’s post-race interview ultimately stems from his desire to win.

“This just goes to show that if you ain’t first you’re last,” said a third user. “He is hungry for a W and isn’t afraid to show his passion for winning.”

“I used to hate KB with a passion,” another fan revealed. “But I want my driver to be pissed off he didn’t win or get a top finish. Too many drivers are too blase about finishing badly. I like this KB.”

But as we all know, with the good comes the bad. There are several NASCAR fans who don’t think Busch’s behavior was acceptable.

“Guy needs to grow up, he’s like a giant baby. It’s racing man, ain’t gonna go your way every week. The guy is one hell of a race car driver, gotta take the good with the bad.”

“You would think he might act like a two-time cup champion. Kinda glad all those obnoxious bows are fewer and far between.”