NASCAR to Use New Tire Compound at Homestead-Miami Speedway

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Chris Williams/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

This weekend for the Dixie Vodka 400 at Homestead-Miami Speedway, the NASCAR Cup Series is going to use a new tire compound. Goodyear and NASCAR work together to determine changes and tactics they can use throughout the year. With the Next Gen car in its inaugural season, there has been growing pains.

Based on how this car and these tires have performed at other 1.5 mile tracks, NASCAR and Goodyear had decided to use a new compound on the left-side tires only. So, the right side sets will not be treated. This is hopefully going to help the tire wear and tear but in a good way.

Teams will still have to figure out a solid tire strategy. We have seen at races this season, Texas being the worst example, what happens when these tires take a beating. Cars spin out and you get a wreck or five.

In an official release, NASCAR says, “Combined with reliable test data, there should b little surprise as teams dial in setups. The right-side tire used this weekend is the same as we used at Pocono in addition to the second races at Kansas, Texas and Las Vegas.”

There is good reason to use this new compound and hopefully, it keeps things on the track competitive and clean.

Goodyear Director Says ‘High-Wear’ Epected From NASCAR Tires

The Cup Series is at Homestead-Miami this week and that means that they have to consider what they have seen in the past, from tests this year, and similar tracks. They know what Hometead is going to do to these tires.

“Homestead is a high-wear track, and that wear, along with the resultant tire fall -off, creates a lot of ‘comers’ and ‘goers’ throughout the field over the course of a run,” Greg Stucker said, via Stucker is the director of racing with Goodyear.

“Another thing to watch for, like at Las Vegas last weekend, is teams’ air, camber and suspension setting. With this Next Gen car, teams have found that getting the rear end of the car down and sealed off helps the diffuser create more rear downforce. We continue to provide teams with test data to help them understand the true risk vs. reward in running lower than recommended air at various setups.”

So, when you hear the NBC broadcast talk about a tire compound, this is what they are talking about. Goodyear and NASCAR want these tires to make it though the day. They want tire wear and tar but they want it to be just right.

The Next Gen car continues to evolve.