NASCAR Trucks Driver Ty Majeski Hits Jackman After Falling Onto Pit Road: WATCH

by Dustin Schutte

Paul Steele probably saw his life flash before his eyes on Saturday night. A scary situation unfolded during the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series for the jackman of Ty Majeski’s No. 66 truck at Richmond.

Steele attempted to get into position as Majeski motored down pit road during the race. The jackman lost his footing though, falling right in front of the truck, which was unable to stop before striking Steele.

Fortunately, Steele got up pretty quickly and injuries appeared to be minor in nature. He’s lucky, because it could’ve been much worse. Below is the video, shared by FOX:

Steele recovered quickly and got Majeski back on the track faster than expected. The No. 66 truck only lost two spots during the startling pit stop on Saturday night.

Majeski finished the race in third place, behind Chandler Smith (winner) and John Nemechek (second). The driver of the No. 66 truck sits at No. 5 in the points standings but has yet to claim a checkered flag during the 2022 season.

Ty Majeski Describes His Perspective on Pit Road Situation

Paul Steele was the victim in Saturday night’s pit road stumble, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a scary situation for Ty Majeski. The driver of the No. 66 provided his perspective on what unfolded.

“Once I saw him trip and lose his footing I was just on the brakes hard,” Majeski said. “I knew I was gonna hit him but I obviously tried not to hit him hard. He did a great job recovering and really making a solid stop.”

Majeski said Steele did a great job the rest of the night, considering the circumstances. It didn’t seem to rattle the jackman for the No. 66 truck, though he probably had one of the most frightening moments of his life.

We’re all happy the injuries weren’t any worse and that Steele was able to continue his work on pit road the rest of the night. It could’ve been a lot worse.