WATCH: NASCAR’s Tyler Reddick Shouts Out His Crew Chief as He Wins at Road America

by Jonathan Howard

Sunday afternoons can be really special. Especially when a guy like Tyler Reddick gets his first career win in the NASCAR Cup Series. Those first-time wins don’t happen often — well, except for this year. Still, Reddick’s victory was major and the driver couldn’t help but celebrate. The former Xfinity Series champion has had a long road to this win.

One of the best parts about all of these first-time winners is hearing and seeing the celebrations. These guys work so hard and can’t give up or relax for one second before that checkered flag is waving above their head. So, with everyone on the edge of their seats, from the crew to the booth and especially Reddick, letting out all of those emotions must have felt great.

Check out Tyler Reddick losing his mind as he approaches the finish line and starts to celebrate with his team.

Reddick was the 13th different individual winner this season. The Cup Series could be won by a number of different drivers this year and now Reddick has put himself into the playoffs and is in a position to be one of those guys. Not to mention, he got his first win in that No. 8 car. The first driver to do so since Dale Jr. back in 2000 at Texas Motorspeedway.

Look, I know you Outsiders love a feel-good video like that. Who wouldn’t? A team coming together and finally getting that first win is a major deal. Three road course races this season, and three first-time winners. COTA, Sonoma, and now Road America.

But, I know what you want to see. The burnout. And boy, did Reddick have a damn good burnout.

Burn. It. Down.

Tyler Reddick Scores Big Win, Further Complicates Playoff Picture

With Tyler Reddick winning today, that means the playoffs get closer to being a little more interesting. The win and you’re in scheme might not play out as we all thought. Right now, 13 drivers have won a race. With a lot of racing to go, it isn’t hard to think that 17 drivers could have at least one win at the end of the regular season.

If that happens, then some drivers are going to be really upset. Those that don’t have the points, in the case there are more winners than playoff spots, will get bumped. However, there’s a chance that the usual suspects take the checkered flags to finish out the season. The Next Gen car has made this season awesome. I’m not sure how you can be a NASCAR fan and not love it.

Tyler Reddick is going to be celebrating into the wee hours of the Wisconsin night I’m sure. Getting that first career win is such a big deal and will only go to give him more confidence moving forward. When he lost out on that Bristol Dirt win, he might have thought he let one get away. Now, he can feel confident in his skills.