NASCAR Veteran Todd Bodine Will Notch his 800th Career Start at Pocono Raceway

by Jonathan Howard

Drivers come and go in NASCAR. Then there are those that last throughout the years and decades, like Todd Bodine. If you are a NASCAR fan at all, you’ve heard of Bodine. He’s one of the three Bodine brothers. Todd, Brett, and Geoff. Although they were more popular and well-known throughout the 1980s and 90s, it’s been Todd that’s lasted into the 2020s.

He hasn’t been full-time since 2012. However, that racing itch just can’t be scratched with Todd Bodine. Since then he’s gone out and raced here and there. Racing limited schedules in the Truck Series and Xfinity Series throughout the mid and late-2010s.

When it comes to Truck Series drivers, Bodine is up there with the best of the best. Two titles to his name, in 2006 and 2010, respectively. Bodine has raced against generations of drivers that have come through the Truck Series ranks. Some have gone on to do great things in the Cup Series. The whole time, the one constant – was Bodine.

Joining an Elite Cub

This weekend at Pocono Raceway is going to be Todd Bodine’s 800th career NASCAR national series start. He has 241 starts in the Cup Series, 333 in the Xfinity Series, and 225 in the Truck Series. And the driver knows how big this milestone is.

“There [haven’t] been a lot of guys who’ve done it,” Bodine explained to “To be able to accomplish something like that, it’s nice to know that I’ve had longevity and been able to do it in all three series at a competitive level. It’s pretty special.”

With 22 Trucks series wins and 15 in the Xfinity Series, he has the checkered flags to go with all of those starts.

After his 800th start, Todd Bodine will join a group of drivers that includes some of the biggest and best names in the sport. Dale Earnhardt Sr. had 812 career starts before his untimely death. Jeff Green has 815, Kurt Busch 834, Bill Elliott 874, and then we start getting into the big names when we get to 900, and then 1,000 starts.

Todd Bodine Says the Drivers, Not the Trucks Have Changed Most

Since he stopped driving full-time in 2012, Todd Bodine has noticed a change in his favorite series… however, it isn’t the trucks themselves. Instead, the biggest change that Bodine has noticed in the last 10 years? The drivers.

“The biggest change, and it had already started when I quit full-time, is the age of the driver,” Bodine continued. “Owners went from wanting the 40-year-old guy who had a lot of experience that could go out and win races to wanting that 20-year-old who’s oging to push it to the limit every lap and get in trouble a little bit, but still give them the opportunity to win. These kids today have a whole different thought process.”

This season, Todd Bodine has a top-10 finish and two top-20 finishes to his record. Can he make magic happen one last time for his 800th start? It all goes down at the Tricky Triangle this weekend.