NASCAR: Watch Luke Combs’ Epic Performance Before Daytona 500

by Leanne Stahulak

Before NASCAR drivers took to the race track, country star Luke Combs returned to the Daytona 500 to perform a pre-race concert.

Combs performed at the Daytona 500 last year in 2021 to a much smaller crowd. The COVID-19 pandemic limited the number of people who could crowd in together before the race. But this year, a good number still turned out to see him perform.

Before the performance, Combs talked with Fox17 out of Nashville along with other media outlets. He said last year’s pre-NASCAR performance was “great,” but he looked forward to “the full experience” this year.

For him, the full experience is “just having all the fans here. After we did Daytona last year, everyone was like, ‘Man, I wish you could be here and see [NASCAR’s Daytona 500] when it’s at its best and when the whole thing’s going on,'” Combs explained.

“So that was something that I was adamant about wanting to do, and thankfully they had us back. Guess we did a good enough job last year to get invited back,” Combs continued.

NASCAR is important to the country star because he grew up watching it with his grandfather. Combs’ grandfather was a courier who delivered NASCAR drivers’ checks to them in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“I grew up watching NASCAR and going to Charlotte Motor Speedway,” Combs said. “And then to be able to come here, it was my first time at the 500 last year, and I wanted to see it at its best too.”

Check out the Daytona 500’s best in the video below of Combs’ performance.

Luke Combs Opens Up about Connection Between NASCAR and Country Music

For North Carolina native Luke Combs, NASCAR and country music go hand in hand. During the pre-concert press conference, one interviewer asked Combs about how both the music and the sport have gained so much popularity in recent years.

“I think like anything, it just takes time,” Combs said. “Because I think NASCAR and country music… I was born in 1990, and I feel like from then one of your first memories at 5, 6 years old, you’re watching NASCAR with your grandfather. And those things felt like a super regionalized thing at that time.”

He added, “It felt like a thing that was part of the culture where I grew up. And now, being a country artist who’s played twice in Australia and about to go to Europe for my fourth time, I’ve seen it go from there. There are people in Ireland and people in Canada that love it just as much as people in North Carolina or Florida.”

Linking back to country music specifically, the country singer and NASCAR fan sees more people listening to his songs because of the reliability in them.

“I can’t really speak to why that’s happened,” Combs said. “But I think there’s a little bit of something for everybody in a country song. You know, life, love, I mean everybody’s into that stuff no matter where you’re from. And I think people just realized that over time.”

And if people are tuning into more country music, then they’re only a step behind from tuning into more NASCAR races.