NASCAR: Why Kyle Busch Is Now Favored to Win the Busch Light Clash

by Jonathan Howard

One of the things about NASCAR is that favorites can change at a moment’s notice. Kyle Busch has now made himself the top driver.

After a long day of qualifying laps, Busch found himself fastest. LA Coliseum is not usually made for races like this. In fact, it’s used to much slower races on foot. However, a day of racing has shown the small track to be up to snuff as racers made their way through these qualifying rounds.

So, Kyle Busch will have the pole position. He started at the pole in the Heat 1 qualifier and held on in his No. 18 at the Busch Light Clash. It was a 25-lap race, a sprint by NASCAR standards. Since he topped the top heat, he is going to have a pole position in the Main Event alongside 22 other cars.

The others that will have a transfer spot include Daniel Suarez, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., and Ryan Blaney. Blaney is an interesting pick. Is he underrated despite a strong finish to the season last year? Hard to tell.

When the field was released for this event, Kyle Busch was not a favorite. He found himself behind Kevin Harvick, Martin Truex Jr., and Chase Elliott. Now, with his performance in the early rounds today in Los Angeles, he has set himself up for a big race. Will he be able to lead the charge for 150 laps?

“Whoever would have thunk it,” Busch said to Fox Sports after clocking a 13.745-second lap. “It’s pretty cool, just the difference of opportunity to come do something like this.”

“NASCAR took a lot of flack,” Busch continued. “On what this was going to look like and be, but we’re having a lot of fun and it’s different.”

NASCAR Field Is Deep

The thing about the Busch Light Clash is that a number of drivers could win. This is going to be a short track. However, that doesn’t mean guys won’t be able to make moves. When you think about the favorites you can look at odds and what Vegas thinks. But, there are some guys that have to be considered as favorites.

A driver like Kyle Larson that dominated the regular season and playoffs for NASCAR last year has to be considered. Younger drivers like Chase Elliott and Ryan Blaney are going to threaten for the lead. So, it is hard to tell what might happen. You would think that with a brand new track, perhaps more experienced drivers will be better off. Drivers will need all the experience and then some to win tonight.

The most important part about all of this… NASCAR is back. Seriously, it feels like it has been forever since we ended last season. Is Larson on his way to repeating? It is hard to tell. However, this season will be important for many drivers. Who is the dark horse that rises up to challenge the top guys this season? The year gets started tonight, get ready.