NASCAR Will Make Decision on William Byron’s Penalty Appeal This Week

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jeff Robinson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Hendrick Motorsports and William Byron decided to appeal NASCAR‘s penalties stemming from the Denny Hamlin incident at Texas.

It was very strange for many NASCAR fans to see Byron bump Hamlin on a caution lap, and not just that, but also sending him spinning out and into the infield. That just doesn’t happen. In his postrace interview at the time, Byron said he had seen others do similar moves and nothing came of it. Those other drivers didn’t send their rival spinning, though.

Since the penalties and hefty $50,000 fine were handed down from the higher-ups, William Byron has submitted an appeal. Hendrick and most teams appeal these decisions all the time. Still, it’s hard to see this going the other way. Rarely does NASCAR completely reverse a decision. It also doesn’t help that Byron basically admitted to doing what he did after the race, anyway.

William Byron Appeal Date Set

As for now, William Byron does have an appeal date set. NASCAR is going to hear out the appeal and make a decision on Thursday, October 6. Again, I’m not so sure there will be any change made. However, Hendrick and Byron seem to think there is something there. So, we will see when the decision is released later this week.

Right now, Byron is focused on qualifying for the Round of 8. It’s going to be a hard-fought race on Sunday at the Roval. There are a handful of drivers that will need to have a good day in order to keep their championship hopes alive. Chase Elliott is the first playoff driver this postseason to win a race.

As for Byron himself, the driver finds his car -11 points below the cutoff line. He sits in 10th in the standings and will be one of those fighting for his playoffs life on Sunday. The Roval is a fun track and these Next Gen cars haven’t raced on it before.

Let’s see if William Byron wins his appeal. If he does, it could change the playoff standings just days before the finale of the Round of 12. Byron will have to have a good and complete race on Sunday either way if he wants to feel comfortable about getting to that next round.