NASCAR: William Byron Wins the Blue-Emu Maximum Pain Relief 400 at Martinsville

by Jonathan Howard

The NASCAR Cup Series was in Martinsville today and after leading for a career-high in laps, William Byron wins. The No. 24 was able to withstand the dash after a late restart in overtime. He wasn’t going to let this win get away, not after what happened last week. Second win of the year!

When this race got to about 80 laps to go, things heated up, quickly. There were dive bomb moves, tough passes, and three-wide racing for a little bit. The pit stops and the tire strategy became very important. Kyle Busch was running on some good tires, about 10 fewer laps than everyone else at that point in the race. Byron led for 150+ laps during this race. A new career-high after his career-high of 122 laps led last week in Richmond.

This race had a good showing from the 23XI Racing team. Kurt Busch was driving very well for the majority of the race. He started making strong moves late in this race and worked hard to conserve his tires while catching up to the leaders. Everyone held their breath as fans, drivers, the announcers in the booth, and everyone else watching waited for a big wreck. It came with 7 laps to go.

Despite Byron leading for so long, things started all over with just a few laps to go. A dash for the finish, 5 laps to glory. 5 laps to a grandfather clock. Kyle Busch was the first to go down pit road and risk the quick stop for fresh tires and a faster car. However, it would be Byron that would hold on in the end.

Byron wins and he wasn’t going to look back in those final laps.

William Byron Wins in Martinsville

William Byron wins in Martinsville despite a late push from Joey Logano. He had some talented drivers behind him and he was able to close this race out. Honestly, he earned this one with all those laps he led. He just wasn’t going to let it get away from him, and he didn’t.

There were some strong drivers today, but the No. 24 made sure to get that win. Oh, by the way, that makes Byron the first two-time winner of the season. He had some high hopes for the week after last week, and now the young driver has proven that he is a strong short-track driver.