NASCAR World Wishes Dale Earnhardt Jr. a Happy 48th Birthday

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jeff Robinson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

You only get to appreciate a living legend so often in sports. The NASCAR world is wishing a happy birthday to Dale Earnhardt Jr. today! Who knows where NASCAR would be without all the hard work that Dale Jr. put into not just his own career but all of stock car racing?

Before Chase Elliott was racking up these Most Popular Driver awards, it was Junior that dominated the category. Of course, the driver is retired now and a Hall of Famer. That is only more reason to celebrate and wish a happy birthday to the legend that is Dale Earnhardt Jr.

There isn’t a better ambassador for the sport out there anywhere. And, he deserves every bit of praise he gets for the job he has done in that role and more.

NASCAR Fans Say ‘Happy Birthday to Dale Jr.

NASCAR fans were more than happy to wish a happy birthday to Dale Jr. He can do it all. From behind the wheel to deliver the race from the booth. He is everything that is good about the sport.

Now, does it count if JR Motorsports wishes him a happy birthday? Well, of course, it does. The bossman always gets credit and always gets the best treatment. Fans showed off their own personal memories from meeting Junior to watching him race.

I’m sure that shirt is now hung up in a frame at this man’s house. Or, it’s still worn to every race he goes to, even to this day. Hard to decide which.

Seeing photos and stories like this one above is always great. All of those pictures probably have a story behind them. What race they were, how Dale Jr. raced, and how about being in that car with him? Something every NASAR fan wishes they could experience.

So, Dale Jr. is in his “Jimmie Johnson” age. 48 is a big one, but 50 is just around the corner. Who knows what is next for the legendary driver? Who will be the next JR Motorsports driver to come up through the ranks?

Happy birthday, to Dale Earnhardt Jr., we will be looking forward to hearing him call the rest of the playoffs.