NASCAR World Reacts to Ross Chastain’s Last Lap Wallride at Martinsville Speedway

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images)

Ross Chastain gave us a NASCAR Round of 8 finish for the ages. He is locked into the Championship 4 and will race for a title at Phoenix. When you talk about this 2022 season years from now, we will talk about the Next Gen car, Kurt Busch and Alex Bowman’s injuries – and Chastain’s wild move at Martinsville Speedway.

Whatever was going through his mind leading up to the move, we may never know. What he gave fans was a movie-like ending to an elimination race, unlike anything we’ve seen before. Martinsville has been home to some of racing’s greatest moments since 1947 – add this to that list.

The entire NASCAR world seems to be reacting from fans to fellow drivers.

Did Ross Chastain Make This a Thing?

Almost as soon as the race was over, Alex Bowman was on Twitter and he was asking the big questions – is this a thing now? Bowman sat out his final race due to injury today at Martinsville and watched from the No. 48 team’s area. He had a great view as Ross Chastain blew past.

Outsider’s own Marty Smith was watching the race and he was blown away like the rest of us. Things like that don’t just happen. If a guy like Marty is excited about it, then you know that this is something that doesn’t happen often. No idea if it will be allowed to happen ever again, but let’s enjoy it now.

Fans Can’t Believe It

You really just never know what is going to happen with a race like this. In the Round of 8, multiple drivers have to win to advance to the Championship 4, and more are having to settle for a points battle – it creates moments like this. Who knows if NASCAR will allow this to be a thing in the future, but for one moment, we all saw it happen.

Folks couldn’t believe it.

Now imagine you’re Brad Keselowski or Denny Hamlin and all you see is a smoking rocket coming up behind you at the finish.

Ross Chastain just made history with his finishing move on the wall at Martinsville. It will likely lead NASCAR to create a rule against this type of driving in the future. Let’s see how that plays out. In the meantime, I’ll keep watching this on repeat.