NASCAR Xfinity Series: Bubba Wallace Out of Pennzoil 150 Early at Indianapolis

by Jonathan Howard

What can we do for Bubba Wallace, folks? The NASCAR driver had another rough day in the Xfinity Series Pennzoil 150. These road course issues are getting a bit old, especially for Wallace and his team. With how closely tied Joe Gibbs Racing and 23XI are, where does the blame go?

This season has been about improving on 2021. Plain and simple. Wallace and his team view themselves as a postseason car. However, there have been so many pit road issues, close calls, and other problems that we can’t even get an idea of how well he’s doing this season. Today’s result is another tough asterisk for the driver.

After some issues early on, things just kept getting worse and Bubba Wallace ended up dropping from the race before the end of Stage 2. It’s been chalked up to an engine failure/issue. And, if we’re looking back on the performance of that No. 18 JGR car… it hasn’t been good for other drivers, either.

Again, what can be done for Bubba Wallace? He’s been let down in the Cup Series, let down in the Xfinity Series. Heck, throw him back into a truck, and let’s get a solid finish so we can give the No. 23 some confidence moving forward.

This is just another example of a team not performing well in the garage. That car has to be ready for the track and it seems that every time we see Wallace hit the road course it ends in disaster.

There have been moments when Bubba Wallace has slipped up on the course. But, how many more instances are we going to see like this?

Bubba Wallace Will Look Ahead to Sunday

So, Bubba Wallace will take his P13 that ended in a DNF and move on to Sunday. He was probably hoping for more laps on the Indy road course. However, the reality is what it is. Wallace and his 23XI team are going to attempt to turn things around. In the Cup Series, at least, the No. 23 does have some momentum. They have posted back-to-back top ten finishes for the first time ever.

That’s the positive momentum that Wallace and his team will turn to when they line up for the Verizon 200. We’re at the do-or-die stage of the season and a lot of drivers are going to be vying for that checkered flag. This weekend could really throw a wrench into some postseason expectations.

While we wait to see what happens on Sunday, I’m sure that Bubba Wallace is going to be looking back on his performance with the No. 18 as another disappointment. But, he’s still got work to do this weekend. Will he finally shake these road course blues?