NASCAR Xfinity Series: Noah Gragson on Ty Gibbs, ‘I Don’t Like Him’

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

The media days are underway and the NASCAR Xfinity Series drivers spoke today. Noah Gragson let it be known he’s no fan of Ty Gibbs. In case you couldn’t tell by their multiple run-ins with one another, the general tension between the two at all times on and off the track, and just about everything else – this might surprise you.

Of course, Ty Gibbs has found himself in a mess of controversy since taking out his own teammate, Brandon Jones, at Martinsville. This cost his teammate and his Joe Gibbs Racing team a chance at having two cars in the Championship 4.

Noah Gragson has had his issues with Gibbs in the past. On Thursday, with a championship on the line between them in just a couple of days, Gragson let it be known.

“Just voicing my opinion, I don’t like him,” Gragson said plainly. He went on for a bit about his rival. “It’s just speaking what everybody doesn’t want to say, but they feel it.”

When asked about Ty’s aggressiveness he said, “He doesn’t care. … He lives in Fantasyland.”

This is going to be a rivalry we see for a long time. Gibbs is the legacy driver. He’s the one with his family’s name on the team building and everything else. He’s going to be driving Cup full-time next season. Noah Gragson is too, with Petty GMS. This Xfinity Series championship will just be one step along this path.

Noah Gragson ‘Excited’ to Race… With Some Drivers

During his time talking to the media, Noah Gragson was clear in his statements. He doesn’t care for Gibbs, he thinks other drivers likely feel the same, and he just wants to let it be known. However, Gragson has had his fair share of controversy and bad actions on the track. Let’s not forget what happened at Road America. That resulted in a $35,000 fine and a 30-point deduction.

Gragson said he was “excited” to race his teammates Josh Berry and Justin Allgaier. He’s “excited” to race a lot of the drivers in the field he explained. But, not Gibbs. There’s just something that rubs him the wrong way and he let it be known multiple times.

So, we might see some wild racing at Phoenix, at least for the Xfinity Series race. It is usually a more entertaining race at this venue than the Cup Series. With this added drama, that’s going to just raise the bar. Let’s see if we get some rubbing, bumping, and maybe some words after the fact.