NASCAR Xfinity Series: Sam Mayer Sends Apology to Official Injured During His Fight With Ty Gibbs

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)

NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Sam Mayer has released a short apology after it was revealed an official was hurt in his fight with Ty Gibbs. Last night’s Xfinity race was electric, to say the least. There was some late-race contract and it led to some off-the-track antics. Mayer approached Gibbs without a helmet on, while the two argued back and forth, Gibbs threw punches.

In the aftermath, the Joe Gibbs Racing legacy driver has received plenty of criticism. One of the points of contention was throwing punches while refusing to take his helmet off. Of course, above all else, it’s the fact punches were thrown in the first place.

Bob Pockrass reported on the official being taken care of at the care center. Mayer responded following that.

“I want to apologize to the [NASCAR] official who was injured last night,” Mayer wrote. “I hate to see that happen. Wishing him a speedy recovery.”

After some late-race contact and things, Mayer ended up finishing 5th and Gibbs in 8th. Brandon Jones came away with the win in the end, a fellow JGR driver for the No. 54. Despite the fact that Mayer finished ahead of Gibbs, the latter earned more points in the end. 34 to 39, respectively.

In the heat of things, it got a little wild down there on the track. While NASCAR won’t exactly be happy with the action down on the track, you can’t deny that folks were talking about stock car racing on social media last night after this moment, that was all that you could find on Twitter for the rest of the night. With a ton of responses from fans and other drivers.

NASCAR: Sam Mayer Issues Apology, Ty Gibbs Talks About Fight

NASCAR has had fights in the past and Sam Mayer wanted to make it clear his apology wasn’t for Gibbs. Fans love drama like this. However, arguably, it is good for NASCAR to have a villain. What better villain than the young grandson of a team owner? Not just any owner, either, but Joe Gibbs. After the race, the 19-year-old driver talked about what went down.

“I tried to talk to him [Mayer] and he got all in my face and at that point, we’ve got to start fighting,” the young driver said.

“We got put in a bad position there [on the track],” he went on. “The only thing I’m mad about is [Mayer] didn’t have anything. He wasn’t going to get past [third-place A.J. Allmendinger] and I just got hit in the left rear.”

Now, you could argue about that late-race move from Mayer. However, that’s not what people will remember from this night no matter how many times it is brought up. So, what is next for this rivalry? When NASCAR goes to Talladega Superspeedway in two weeks, it is going to be interesting how it all plays out.