NASCAR Xfinity Series: Ty Gibbs and Sam Mayer Pit Road Fight Has Fans Heated

by Suzanne Halliburton

Y’all, did you see the way Friday’s NASCAR Xfinity race ended, with Ty Gibbs and Sam Mayer looking more like a couple of over-served patrons settling a score at a local bar? After all that racing in Virginia, there were no handshakes exchanged. But punches? There were several of them thrown as the NASCAR action switched from driving on the Martinsville to fighting on pit row.

Take a look at the NASCAR clip featuring Ty Gibbs and Sam Mayer, and we’ll give you what triggered the drivers and how fans reacted to it. As one of the NASCAR announcers said: “And we’ve got a fight at Martinsville.” Another provided this analysis: “And he ain’t letting go.”

Face it, you want to know more and enjoy all those pithy tweets. A late-night fight on pit road certainly is worthy of some pithiness.

Did Brawl Between Ty Gibbs, Sam Mayer Overshadow NASCAR Race? Maybe…

So what happened? Brandon Jones won his fifth career victory, But it was his teammate, Ty Gibbs, who took issue with the finish. The issue wasn’t with Jones, his teammate, rather, Gibbs was irritated over how the final lap unfolded.

After the final restart, Gibbs was stuck inside as he tried to slip past Jones in the final moments, Jones and Gibbs are teammates on Gibbs Racing, but Maher bumped Gibbs, causing Gibbs to drop from third to eighth.

As they say, the two drivers carried it outside. But in this case, outside was pit row. Mayer, who shed his helmet got into Gibbs’ face. He shoved him a couple of times. Then Gibbs threw at least two punches. Gibbs recently needed to clear the air with another driver, too.

Of course, fans reacted to the situation on social media. What else is there to do late on a Friday night after you got your racing fix with an extra shot of punching? NASCAR fan James Roy Anderson wrote:

“Ty Gibbs_ You are the biggest crybaby b**** in NASCAR. You wreck guys every week ! Sam Mayer moves you out of the way and you want to fight ! I hope the next guy you move out of the way teaches you a good lesson! You can dish it out but you can’t handle it. Ty cry baby Gibbs.”

(Just asking, are these fighting words?)

A $100,000 Bonus Probably Fueled This Skirmish

The two drivers were competing for a $100,000 Dash4Cash bonus. So money, like love, can make you do crazy things, like fight on pit row around equipment worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Gibbs said he didn’t want to fight. Really. He just had some thoughts he’d like to share.

“I tried to talk to him and he got all in my face and at that point, we’ve got to start fighting,” said Ty Gibbs, the grandson of team founder, Joe.

“We got put in a bad position there. The only thing I’m mad about is (Mayer) didn’t have anything. He wasn’t going to get past (third-place A.J. Allmendinger) and I just got hit in the left rear.”

But NASCAR fans tried to identify the villain. And hint, it wasn’t Mayer. NASCAR fan Austin Koneski tweeted:

“Ty Gibbs punching Sam Mayer in the face repeatedly with a helmet on is the move of a coward. Hate it or not. I would not be angry if NASCAR decides to issue Gibbs a penalty or suspension. Immature, ridiculous behavior.”

About that $100,000 bonus, another NASCAR fan had some thoughts.

One user writes: “This week once again shows why Ty Gibbs is the biggest hypocrite in the garage. He runs over Ryan Sieg on Lap 3 at Vegas and then runs John Hunter Nemechek last week for the win. But now that Sam Mayer does it to him for 100K it’s an issue? Kid has talent but man he lacks respect.