NASCAR Xfinity Series: Ty Gibbs Wrecks Teammate Brandon Jones to Win at Martinsville

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Mike Mulholland/Getty Images)

The NASCAR Xfinity Series ended dramatically as Ty Gibbs bumped his Joe Gibbs Teammate Brandon Jones on his way to the win. Martinsville is not a stranger to bumps and runs and other hard moves. Still, you would hope that a driver wouldn’t wreck a teammate, and put him out of the playoffs if they can help it.

After the fact, Ty Gibbs said he was “racing for wins” and that’s one thing. But the bump and run against Jones had the broadcast booth and fans asking so many questions. Dale Earnhardt Jr. was beside himself and commented that it didn’t take much talent to wreck a driver for the win.

This incident set up a situation where Jones was knocked out of the Championship 4 picture and Justin Allgaier made it in instead. So, it’s not just the fact he took out a teammate, he ruined his teammate’s chances at racing for a title next week. Joe Gibbs could have had two drivers in the championship to go against the duo of Josh Berry and Noah Gragson from JR Motorsports.

The whole situation was weird for sure. It also put Brandon Jones in a bad spot. How is he supposed to go and confront his teammate and the grandson of the team owner? If this had been another driver, it likely would have ended in some words, if not shoving and punching.

Ty Gibbs Gets Booed at Martinsville

Of course, the Martinsville crowd let Ty Gibbs know how they felt after he got out of the car and celebrated. He is going to the Championship 4 and welcomed the boos and jeers along with the cheers. If you’re gonna be the bad guy, might as well embrace it. Gibbs knew it was coming and took it in stride.

So, Ty Gibbs is headed to the next round. He is going to race against Berry, Gragson, and Allgaier to see who will come away with the title. This has been a season full of drama. What happens if Jones finds himself next to Gibbs with the race on the line at Phoenix? Could retaliation come and bite Gibbs in the back?

Ty Gibbs didn’t want to wreck Jones, at least he says. However, the replay doesn’t look good. Joe Gibbs Racing will likely have a meeting about this.