NASCAR’s Alex Bowman Talks How Next Gen Car Changes the Game in Richmond

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

NASCAR driver Alex Bowman definitely has some thoughts on the Next Gen car changes as they prepare for Richmond. Now, Alex Bowman did say that the new car allows for more contact with less impact on the car’s performance. If you recall, then Ross Chastain was rocking and rolling on his way to victory at Circuit of the Americas in Texas.

NASCAR Driver Alex Bowman Sees How Next Gen Cars Affect Plans

“I think you can definitely run into stuff that would have ended your day in the past,” NASCAR driver Bowman said. “We kind of got sandwiched in between a bunch of cars on a restart last week; drove straight into somebody and it would have completely ended our day last year.”

There has been a lot of physical driving taking place in NASCAR so far for Bowman. He and other drivers think that this playoff format that awards drivers a spot in the 10-race playoffs to end the season all but encourages it. We get more from TSN.

“I think if there’s a reason and you have to put your finger on it, it would be the playoff format,” Bowman said. “How much winning matters and sometimes you can overcome those guys hating you for that trophy.”

Bowman Learns About Dealing With Criticism Through Racing

Meanwhile, when it comes to criticism, then NASCAR’s Alex Bowman has had his fair share. Take, for instance, what happened after winning at Las Vegas earlier this NASCAR Cup Series season. Kyle Busch was no fan of him on that day and didn’t hold back, either.

Kyle Busch said on the radio: “The same f—ing guy who backs into every f—ing win that he ever f—ing gets backs into another f—ing win. Bulls—!” Oooh. Well, Bowman tweeted, “Family friendly sport… 18% of the proceeds backing into an animal shelter near you”. That’s some tough stuff to hear from a fellow driver.

NASCAR driver Alex Bowman added: “He’s one of the guys that I feel like I race better with than most. So [I’m] appreciative of that. And we’ve never had any issues before and I don’t even think that was an issue. It was just an opportunity to make a T-shirt and raise some money for animals. Everything’s good. Everything’s fine.”

It should be noted that Bowman and Kyle Busch have smoothed over ruffled feathers. “He was just mad to lose the race,” Bowman said. “And I totally understand that. I didn’t do anything to him besides taking the race away. I don’t think there’s an issue between him and I.” Expect Bowman, though, to be gunning for a victory on Sunday in Richmond. Hopefully, no rough stuff will happen between these two drivers.