NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace Speaks Directly to His Critics With New Photo

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

Bubba Wallace seemed to speak directly to his critics with this new photo he posted to Twitter, sending shots at them while also poking some fun at himself.

While playing a card game called “Most Likely To,” Wallace received a card with an ironic message on it.

The card read: “Can’t drive for s***.”

“Got this card…” Wallace wrote in his caption. “Sounds about right according to some,” he said, including a shrugging emoji as well.

While we don’t think the creators of the game thought a NASCAR driver would receive that specific card, it’s awesome to see Wallace poking fun at himself and calling out his haters.

Already in his young career, Wallace is one of the most successful African American drivers in NASCAR history. He’s the only African American driver to have won more than once during one of NASCAR’s three biggest cup events.

However, Wallace recently got into a heated incident with Kyle Larson.

Denny Hamlin finished fifth at Las Vegas back in October in the first race of the Cup Series Round of 8. However, neither Hamlin nor first race winner Joey Logano was the talk of the town.

The second-stage incident between Bubba Wallace and Kyle Larson ended with the 23XI Racing driver confronting and shoving the Hendrick Motorsports driver multiple times around the infield grass.

Denny Hamlin Weighs in On ‘Substantial’ Bubba Wallace-Kyle Larson Incident

Bubba Wallace started the Las Vegas race with tons of confidence. He would run the same race-winning car he had used at Kansas just a little over a month earlier. His bravado showed as the 23XI Racing car flashed speed early on, with Wallace driving it up to the front. He lead for 29 laps and won the first stage.   

Early in the second stage, the No. 45 car dropped back to fifth, battling Kevin Harvick for position. Then, Kyle Larson tried to join the party going into Turn 3, diving down below Harvick and making it three-wide.

However, coming out of Turn 4, the car dropped back and the defending Cup champion began sliding up the race track. Wallace remained to his outside. Eventually, the 23XI Racing car ran out of room, colliding with the outside wall. 

The No. 45 careened off the fence and went straight into the right rear of the HMS car. This impact sent both back up the track into the fence, smashing against Christopher Bell in the process.

A few moments later, Bubba Wallace jumps out of his car and furiously storms over to Larson. He pushed him several times in the chest before being escorted away by a member of the safety team.   

After the race, reporters visited with Hamlin, the three-time Daytona 500 winner, and talked about his race. One reporter then addressed the elephant in the room. They asked Kenny Hamlin about the confrontation between his driver and Larson.

“I didn’t see it,” Hamlin said. “Everyone has asked me about it. I’m assuming it’s substantial. Those things are usually a driver-to-driver issue. I don’t usually get in the middle of it. I’m friends with both of them so I’d just encourage both of them to talk to each other.”