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NASCAR’s Dale Earnhardt Jr. Remembers Late Father Dale Sr. on His Birthday

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by ISC Images & Archives via Getty Images)

Today is a very important day in NASCAR as it is Dale Earnhardt’s birthday. Of course, Dale Jr. took the time to remember his father. The Intimidator was born on this day back in 1951. And stock car racing was never the same. The mark that Earnhardt left on the sport, on America, and especially the impact he left on his family will live on forever.

For Dale Earnhardt Jr, it isn’t just about a NASCAR legend, but his dad. Nothing too mushy or detailed. All he had to say was a few words after a quick retweet from another birthday post from years past.

Those old Wrangler colors are too good. The jumpsuit and that hat are especially awesome and it’s just a reminder of the things that have gotten lamer over time…anyway, happy birthday to Senior! In case you were wondering, yes there is someone else that shares this birthday with the legendary driver.

One fan was kind enough to share this photo below of these two legends that share a birthday today on April 29. I have no idea how or why this picture exists, however, I want it framed and hung up above my mantle now.

Today, NASCAR fans remember Dale Earnhardt and celebrate his birthday in their own little ways. Watching highlights, thinking about their favorite moments. Thankfully, for these birthday buddies, we still have one with us to celebrate. Willie Nelson is 89 years old now, and still going strong. Dale Sr. would have been 71.

It’s fitting that these two share a birthday. If you want to know more, check out Jim Casey’s article on NASCAR, Dale Earnhardt, and country music. It’s a legacy that has lasted and continues to go on today.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Connects the Past and the Future of NASCAR

It isn’t just stories and memories of his dad. Dlae Earnhardt Jr. is the torchbearer of NASCAR. The old and the new. That connection brings it all together and makes the story succinct and make sense. He’s always one for learning the stories of the past and he had a great one recently not about his dad, but about Donnie Allison.

The way the story went, Allison won a race and told someone, “‘If he takes this win away from me, he’ll never inspect another race car again. I promise you that.” Needless to say, Allison kept that win which happened at the National 500 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. That was a track that Allison was very good at.

Stories like that and memories of his father are why NASCAR fans love Dale Earnhardt Jr. so much. He’s the best thing the sport has produced in a long time and whether he’s driving or commentating, fans love to see him on Sunday afternoons as those cars zip around the track.