NASCAR’s Joey Logano Opens Up About Upcoming Ally 400 in Nashville

by Jonathan Howard

For the second year in a row, NASCAR is headed to Nashville. Joey Logano happens to be one of the drivers with some experience there. It’s a match made in heaven. NASCAR and Music City coming together for a weekend of fun, racing, and some great performances from some of country music’s biggest stars.

The 1.33-mile-long track is not a place that many drivers are familiar with. There are just 13 drivers in the field this year that raced in Nashville last year. So, he’s got a little bit of an advantage. The track was a little smaller before last year’s race, but a bit of resin helped open it up and let the racing get intense.

Talking to, Logano talked about trying to win the regular season, and the upcoming Ally 400.

“I remember it being a really good race,” he recalled. “The track was really wide, there were places to go, ways to pass cars with a decent amount of tire fall off at times.”

He’s long been a fan of racing in Music City.

When it comes to defining the track at Nashville, it’s hard to decide what to call it. That’s something that Logano says is an “identity crisis” with the track. Not a short track, not a superspeedway, but also pretty fast for an intermediate track. There’s no telling what will happen.

“I have a hard time saying what race it’s going to be like,” the driver explained. “That’s why you’ve got to watch; we don’t even know. I think the unknown is what drives a lot of hype and a lot of questions. People want to watch things that are unpredictable.”

This season, Joey Logano has two wins, and currently sits in 5th in the points standings, and he’s eyeing 1st.

Joey Logano in a Strong Position Despite ‘Roller Coaster’ Season

In our last race, back in Sonoma, California, yet another driver picked up a win. Daniel Suárez was able to claim his first-ever Cup Series win. This year has not been easy, at least not always, for Joey Logano. He has described his season as a “roller coaster.”

“You see it every week; there’s teams that you think have it figured out and the next week, they’re in the way and have an issue,” Logano said. “It’s like, ‘What the heck is going on?’ It’s up and down and crazy. It’s because of the new car and nobody has it figured out, so you have a lot of inconsistencies for that reason.”

A new car, a new season, and new opportunities for young drivers. This has been a wild season of NASCAR. Joey Logano is sitting just 30 points behind first-place Chase Elliott. With a little less than half of the season to go, the No. 22 team is going to be focused on the regular-season title, and the 15 playoff points that you get if you claim it. Time will tell who claims those points ahead of the playoffs.