NASCAR’s Josh Bilicki Roasts Brandon Jones After Wreck

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

During the first NASCAR Xfinity Series road course race of the season, Josh Bilicki had a promising start on the track. The Alpha Prime driver restarted in 34th and managed to make it into the top 15. But that was when Brandon Jones spun him at the straightaway. Of course, Bilicki didn’t take too kindly to this. So, he took to Twitter to express his frustration with Jones.

“I’d be upset too if I was running lap times outside of the top 20 in a Joe Gibbs car,” Bilicki first wrote. “Doesn’t justify what the 19 did to us though. Wrecked us on a fricken straightaway! Proud of @TeamAlphaPrime. Fast car! Came from 34th to ~17th in 6 laps before we got flat out wrecked.”

It also didn’t help that, after the incident, Jones, himself took to the radio and confirmed, “Yeah. I wrecked him.”

Meanwhile, Bilicki continued ranting to his followers on Twitter, pointing to the money that the Joe Gibbs Racing team had at their disposal.

“Dude used his bumper on me multiple times and pushed me off track when we were side by side,” Josh Bilicki fumed. “I use my bumper on him, didn’t even come close to spinning him, and he retaliates by dumping me on a straight. Pathetic! Sadly I don’t have a daddy that can pay for the damage like him.”

Josh Bilicki’s Teammate Sets the Record Straight

Likewise, Alpha Prime GM Tommy Joe Martins was just as furious. He backed Josh Bilicki’s comments, pointing out that his teammate drove “from 34th to the top15 in 5 laps on scuffs. The reward was getting dumped on a straightaway to finish 35th.”

Martins continued, “And btw for those curious the difference between 18th & 35th is $7,600 + the damage to our racecar & my guys having to bust their asses to fix it.”

What frustrated Martins most about the incident was Jones’ apparent lack of concern for the consequences of his actions.

“The risk/reward for racing hard isn’t the same for everyone,” the Alpha Prime GM said. “I’m jealous, honestly. I wish I had THAT chance. What a luxury to never have to care.”

Later, once everyone had a chance to cool off from the wreck, Martins assured fans that the dispute wasn’t just for the sake of publicity. In fact, he had even gotten in contact with Jones after the race and appeared to come to some sort of understanding.

The bottom line was that everyone involved was for one reason or another frustrated with how others were racing.

“Just so everyone knows I spoke with @BrandonJonesRac post race so this isn’t just a bs Twitter beef. He was mad & I was frustrated too,” Martins explained. “We’ll get over it. Another race next week. Just gotta get this 45 back in the points where it should be.”