WATCH: NASCAR’s Kyle Larson Goes Flying Into Ty Dillon During Verizon 200

by Jonathan Howard

The Verizon 200 hasn’t had a lot of wild moments. However, Kyle Larson changed all that when the NASCAR driver ramped his car into Ty Dillon. It was a wild moment on an otherwise mild day. We didn’t see a single caution flag for a wreck leading up to this point in the race with 22 laps to go.

Just as Kyle Larson was coming around and waiting for the leaders to pit, he had a brake failure of some kind. All day, these drivers had been flying into Turn 1. It led to a lot of spin-outs and some minor issues with drivers here and there. However, this was another level.

Larson just couldn’t get himself stopped, took to the air of the curb, and flew straight into Ty Dillon and his No. 42. Oh, and today is Larson’s birthday – not how he planned to celebrate it.

Watch below and see for yourself. Everyone involved was able to walk away.

You just hate to see a wreck like this. But everyone walking away makes it a moment you just shake your head at and thank the Lord it wasn’t any worse.

NASCAR at Indy is always an exciting time – even if it’s the road course and not the oval. Immediately after getting out of his car, Kyle Larson went to Ty Dillon. Drivers don’t want to get wrecked like this and they don’t want it to happen to anyone else.

So, Larson’s day will finish, as well as Dillon’s. It wasn’t a strong day for either driver today, but they didn’t want to see it end like this.

Kyle Larson Ends Day Early as Tyler Reddick Wins Verizon 200

Of course, Kyle Larson and Dillon were both one for the day. Those cars took a big hit. Afterward, Dillon said it was a hit unlike any other he had taken before. That’s saying something when you’re a NASCAR driver. Check out his comments in this video below from FrontStretch.

After this wreck, there were more caution flags. The restarts at the end of the race led to an overtime dash for the finish that was exhilarating. Then, Turn 1 came back around and those cars did the same thing they had done all day. They went five wide into the turn and caused major issues for most of the field.

Tyler Reddick would outlast the rest of the field. He had no trouble today or this weekend. From winning pole position on Saturday to taking the checkered flag on Sunday. He’s had a complete weekend and avoided mistakes like Larson and others had.

While it was a disappointing finish for Kyle Larson and his team, they will turn to the next race and try again. You can never count the Cup Series champion out of any race.