NASCAR’s Ross Chastain Opens Up About His Penchant for Watermelon Smashing

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Adam Davis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

After taking the checkered flag in his last NASCAR Cup Series race, Ross Chastain was able to smash his first watermelon of the series. Chastain has been battling his whole career. When he isn’t racing in one of the NASCAR series, he’s farming watermelons. It’s become a big part of the driver’s persona now, and it just sort of happened.

When he first raced in NASCAR’s Truck Series in 2011, Chastain wasn’t the race-winning watermelon-smashing driver you know him as today. He bounced around a lot. He raced for teams with little chance of winning or with lower expectations. Attempting to overperform his position and build a reputation.

“I won’t lie,” NASCAR Driver Ross Chastain said. “I didn’t have watermelons everywhere [at races]. At my first race, we had a ton of watermelons and a watermelon chef and all that. But not every week.”

However, ever since an Xfinity Series win in 2018, the Trackhouse Racing driver has been smashing melons. It has gotten to the point where the fruit represents more than just a win. It represents the potential each week. And, the team knows about it. They have to walk by it leading up to races. When the team hits the road, the watermelon is put into a foam case to be kept safe. Only a checkered flag can free it from its foam protection.

That’s exactly what happened last Sunday. What’s more impressive, the driving of Chastain, the pit work of his crew, or how fast they got that watermelon out onto the track for him to send plunging into the earth below? Not only does Trackhouse Racing have some of the coolest paint schemes in NASCAR, but Ross Chastain has the best celebration in the sport, too.

NASCAR Driver Ross Chastain Going into Richmond the Same as Always

Despite taking home his first NASCAR Cup Series win Ross Chastain is not holding his head too high this week. There have been some more media responsibilities, folks are taking notice, and the No. 1 driver has picked up on that. However, when it comes to preparation, he says that he’s going to do it the same as he would have if he didn’t win last week.

“The media this week has been more and the sleep has been less,” Chastain said. “But when we get to Richmond this weekend I’ll do things the same way I would have if I had been second or 40th at COTA.”

Along with Daniel Suárez, the driver of the No. 99, Trackhouse Racing has one of the coolest duos in the sport. The team prides itself on looking great on the track and racing really well too. As far as a new team goes, they have done things right at every turn. No pun intended. Another week in NASCAR and another chance for Ross Chastain to take a checkered flag.