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Preparation Underway at L.A. Coliseum For NASCAR Cup Series Busch Light Clash

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)

Soon enough the NASCAR Cup Series Busch Light Clash will be underway. The preparations have already begun to turn the L.A. Coliseum into a track. To begin the 2022 season, the Clash a the Coliseum was a big hit. Joey Logano was the winner there and he went on to win the championship. Will 2023 be similar?

The NASCAR Clash is the exhibition that informally kicks off the season. Just before the Daytona 500, this race is a celebration of a new season. It is also a chance to introduce new audiences to the sport. There were a lot of great performances, concerts, and more last season. This season should be even better.

They have officially broken dirt for the 2023 edition of the quarter-mile race track. It is such a legendary venue, and to bring NASCAR to the Coliseum is awesome.

Kyle Larson was there for the groundbreaking along with the pace car that will be used during the early February event. NASCAR is hoping that they will be able to replicate the success of last season. With another year of preparation, knowing what worked and what didn’t last season, this might be one of the most unique NASCAR events of 2023.

NASCAR Clash ‘No-Brainer’ In L.A.

Based on last season’s results, NASCAR executives didn’t think twice about bringing the Clash back to L.A. The 2023 schedule is supposed to be the most diverse in terms of tracks raced on, and attempts to reach new audiences.

Ben Kennedy, Senior VP of Racing Development and Strategy at NASCAR, explained the process behind the truth to the Coliseum.

“The L.A. Coliseum is the right size, it’s the right market and the right location,” he said. “It was a no-brainer for us to come back.” The format for the race will stay the same, with a limited number of drivers qualifying for the final.

“We’re pretty happy with the format as it is,” Kenedy explained. “It’s familiar to fans who like the short tracks, and for new fans, it’s a new system to learn. But we’ll look at how to make it better. But from a quantity of 23 cars, I think that’s a really good number.”

There are just 52 days until the NASCAR Busch Light Clash at L.A. Coliseum.