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Ross Chastain Admits He’s Interested in Driving IndyCar

by Jonathan Howard
Ross Chastain waits during practice at Las Vegas
(Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)

With F1 and IndyCar drivers coming in and out of NASCAR for one-off races, Ross Chastain is thinking he could try it the other way. Perhaps an IndyCar ride for the Melon Man from Florida? It’s something that the Trackhouse Racing driver is contemplating for the future.

Conor Daly came to the Daytona 500 to see if his IndyCar skills could make the TMT No. 50 Chevy productive. To his credit, the car was a dud. However, Daly got to chatting with Ross Chastain and now, he has an idea in his mind.

Imagine two NASCAR drivers attempting the Indy 500/Charlotte 600 double. Could Chastain join Kyle Larson in that attempt for 2024?

“Our Cup simulator is right next to the Chevy IndyCar simulator, so I pass those guys weekly now. I just had some genuine questions. I wouldn’t even know where to start,” Chastain said, via NBC Sports. He didn’t know what to think. “I didn’t know what to ask him. He gave me a lot of advice, some definitely probably turned me away from it, but some was definitely attainable one day.

“But I’m focused on Cup racing. If something ever came about where I could explore other racing — if it’s sports cars, other race tracks, other ways of racing cars,” Chastain said. “I just want to race.”

He’s proven that much to be true.

Ross Chastain – The Racer

One thing that is great about modern NASCAR and motorsports in general – these racers just want to race. Things used to be so regional. Not just globally regional but also nationally and even smaller than that.

A community in one state might race open-wheel modifieds and the state next door is all about late-model stocks. No matter what, Ross Chastain just wants to race. He doesn’t care if it is Truck Series, Xfinity Series, Cup, or IndyCar.

We have seen him run double duty in back-to-back weeks in NASCAR. So, why shouldn’t he explore other racing series? It can be good for his overall skillset to learn how to manage other cars and engines.

While it seems like a farfetched idea, with simulators and things like that you can train without ever hitting the track. So, who knows what is next for Ross Chastain and motorsports?