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Ross Chastain doesn’t want to fight other drivers, Noah Gragson went ‘too far’

by Jonathan Howard
Ross Chastain Bristol
(Photo by Logan Riely/Getty Images)

The Noah Gragson fight was far from Ross Chastain’s first. Chastain would rather talk things out, but when push comes to shove… Now that we have that fight in our rearview mirrors, it is onto a new weekend of NASCAR Cup Series action.

Of course, Ross Chastain had to answer some final questions about last week. It came out earlier this week that Chastain and Gragson had made up and were back to working out together by Monday.

Tempers flare on the track and it causes drivers, even training partners, to take shots at one another.

“Knowing this is big-time auto racing, this is not hockey, so. I stand by last week, what happened,” Chastain said when asked by Bob Pockrass of Fox Sports. “I’m not saying that every time in a little bit different situation I’m going to react like that. I want to talk to guys and have conversations. But last week was too far.”

Every driver has a breaking point, and Ross Chastain made that very clear. He laid it out (no pun intended) right after the fight. When Chastain was asked about what went down he said it was Trackhouse’s “no-push policy.” So, let that be a lesson. Those Trackhouse guys don’t play footsie.

Are Noah Gragson and Ross Chastain on good terms?

Earlier this week, Ross Chastain transcended the typical NASCAR media scrum and went on The Pat McAfee Show. This season McAfee has had Chase Elliott on his show and now Chastain. That’s been pretty great for the sport overall.

Chastain talked with the show about the fight and how the two have come together to squash the beef.

“We’re good,” Chastain said. “We talked on Monday on the phone and then we were together testing some micro sprint cars Monday night. We’ve worked out together this week. It’s good, it’s done and over with and we’ve been able to move on and laugh about it now. Weren’t exactly laughing on Sunday.”

Now that doesn’t mean that Ross Chastain is done pissing off other drivers. But perhaps they won’t run up on him in the pits next time he does it. Not sure many drivers are dying to take a shot at Ross off the track.