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Ross Chastain Returns to COTA With Hopes of Another Win

by Jonathan Howard
Ross Chastain eats watermelon COTA
(Photo by Matthew Pearce/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

A year later, Ross Chastain is going to return to Circuit of the Americas and try to repeat his win from 2022 in Texas. Trackhouse Racing made its mark last year with a massive NASCAR win. Alex Bowman and AJ Allmendinger learned the hard way you don’t simply win a bump contest with Chastain.

The Melon Man, Ross Chastain, is hoping that he can smash another melon down on the track. However, this year isn’t the same as last year. A different road course package will mean that drivers will adjust and get used to how the car handles.

Thankfully, Chastain and the Cup Series drivers will get a 50-minute practice on Friday to ensure they feel comfortable in the cars. The No. 1 Chevy Camar driver wants to perform not just for himself, but all those on his Trackhouse team.

“Last year’s win was huge for so many people and so many different reasons,” Chastain said, via NASCAR. “It was my first win, it was Justin’s [Marks] first win as a team owner, it was my crew chief’s first win in his position, my spotter’s first win, and some of the crew guys, it was their first win.

“These people all put so much effort into making the car go fast and I have to execute to the car’s fullest extent, and when that happens and we win, there’s no greater feeling.”

Can Ross Chastain avoid controversy though?

Ross Chastain Continues to be Himself

When Allmendinger was sent into Bowman and Ross Chastain drove around Turn 20 to take the checkered flag, it was clear he didn’t mind getting physical. The problem is, he can’t help himself sometimes. While other drivers, mainly Denny Hamlin, have made public rivalries with Chastain, he just keeps smiling and driving.

In fact, Hamlin is still dealing with the bump he gave Chastain in Phoenix. After coming out and saying he hit Chastain on purpose, NASCAR issued a fine and a point penalty. The JGR driver is appealing the decision, though.

The thing about this rivalry is that it is so one-sided. And somehow, Ross Chastain ends up on top every time. It is like Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner. Hamlin can pull out all the tricks, bump him, call him out, try to wreck him – somehow Chastain ends up on the other side unscathed… and speeding off to finish ahead of Hamlin.