Ryan Blaney Wants to ‘Crack Open a Beer’ After Stressful NASCAR Weekend at Daytona

by Jonathan Howard

Today was definitely not the best NASCAR race for Ryan Blaney. He struggled, to say the least, and was out of contention with a lot of race left.

Before the big wreck collected every car except for the No. 3 of Austin Dillon, Blaney was down multiple laps. Still, he and his team paid close attention to what was happening up front with Martin Truex Jr. and his No. 19 Toyota. That was the real battle.

Despite the poor performance and a P15 in a race that had 20 DNFs, Ryan Blaney managed to pull through. Three points were all that separated Blaney from his rival Truex. In the end, it’s the No. 12 team that is celebrating after a very long and stressful weekend.

Check out the comments Blaney had after the race.

“I don’t know, I’m gonna go home and crack open a beer and relax a little bit because that was a stressful day. That’s a long weekend honestly of no qualifying not getting in the car, don’t race last night, wait around today after you get wrecked, then you have a three-hour rain delay – it definitely mentally drains you.”

He might not have a win on the season, but don’t count Ryan Blaney out. The NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs wouldn’t be the same without him and now we’ll get to see what he can do in these last 10 races.

Ryan Blaney Recaps Wild Day

Immediately after the race, Ryan Blaney talked to NBC about what went down. He was six laps down at one point, and that might have kept him from being swept up in the massive wrecks. The car stayed on the track and kept meeting minimum speed. Then, half the field was wiped out in one moment, moving that No. 12 team up to P15.

“Yeah we’re very fortunate that’s for sure. Was not a good day getting going and getting tore up early and at that point, our fate was not really in our hands. All we could do was keep working on it and fix it to where we can make laps. Thankfully, we were able to get enough cars throughout the wrecks that we kinda just kept moving up and we were able to get in. That was definitely a lot more stressful than I wanted coming into here.

“I just gotta give a lotta props to the 12 group for fixing it and sticking with it all day. That’s why you do it. Your day can start off like that and just stay with it and stay in the game and it was definitely beneficial for us. Appreciate them, Advanced Auto Parts, Ford – we’ll go race for a championship.”

Team Penske will have all three of its drivers in the NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs. So, that’s massive. Joey Logano and Austin Cindric will join Blaney. Is this going to be Penske’s year? After a few races, we’ll start to get a clearer picture. Now, who is ready for postseason racing?