The Marty Smith Podcast: Chase Elliott Watched Georgia’s National Championship Strapped Into His Car

by Chase Thomas

The Daytona 500 has come and gone, folks, but Outsider has you covered for all the festivities from the weekend. Specifically, this week’s episode of The Marty Smith Podcast was jampacked with all sorts of big-time guests from NASCAR. It included everyone from Chase Elliott to Kurt Busch. Speaking of Elliott, he talked to Marty and Wes about a myriad of topics, but he told the guys the story of how he watched Georgia’s National Championship win strapped into his car.

Well, Elliott told the guys that he had to watch the race from his car because, as he tells them, “I unknowingly scheduled my Chilli Bowl prelim that night.” He continued, “We’re watching the game you know while I’m in the shoot fixing to go run my heat race.”

It may not have been the way Elliott wanted to watch his Dawgs win a National Championship, but he was nonetheless happy about the affair. The Dawgs won their first National Championship since 1980.

Chase Elliott on Kirby Smart

Chase Elliott is a big-time driver in NASCAR. With all of his success in the sport along with his new extension, it’s easy to overlook just how young Elliott really is at 26-years-old. On Sunday at the Dayton 500, Elliott finished in the No. 10 spot. The winner was an even younger Austin Cindric. Following in his father’s footsteps, one can assume, adds a lot of pressure to Chase Elliott to thrive and succeed.

However, he does have Kirby Smart quotes to help. He told Hendricks Motor Sports, “It’s funny, this morning I woke up and I watched a video – Kirby Smart had a speech about having pressure is a privilege.” It’s all about the eye in the beholder. Pressure may feel like a weight, but it does not have to be. It can be seen as a privilege. He continued, “I had that on repeat this morning in the bus, just thinking about it.”

It motivated the NASCAR superstar.

He added, “I felt like he was kind of speaking to me, because I’m the age of some of the kids that he’s coaching.” He is around that same age. He’s in that pool that Kirby was talking to. Elliott concluded, “For some reason, it really sat with me and I watched it a handful of times (Sunday) and just felt like that was something I needed to keep in the back of my mind and know that it is a privilege to be in those positions, and you’ve got to make the most of them.”

It’s all about perspective. Chase Elliott has all that and more as the young superstar embarks on his next race following the Daytona 500.