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The Marty Smith Podcast: Kurt Busch Explains Comparisons to Michael Jordan

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)

Tomorrow is the big day and Outsider’s own Marty Smith and Wes Blankenship have already chatted it up with Kurt Busch, Michael Jordan’s newest driver.

23XI Racing is now moving into a new year with the new Next Gen cars. A new chapter in NASCAR means a new chapter for Kurt Busch. The driver thought at one point that he was done with the sport. He flirted with retirement but was able to come back and join a new team. With bright eyes and no pressure on his shoulders, he hopes to make the most of the opportunities.

Here’s 23 seconds of Busch talking about No. 23 himself, Michael Jordan.

After Wes asked about the parallel between Busch’s retirement flirtation and the retirement break that the GOAT took in his NBA career. This is everything he had to say.

“It is in a small way. It’s knowing that you still have that heart and that soul to push. And he pointed at me and pointed at himself and said, ‘I know you have it, I don’t have to question that. Help me build this team-up, and make it a championship runner,'” Kurt Busch said about Jordan and 23XI. “And I was like, Woah, this is awesome, this is what I want to do. And it’s that point in my career where I still find little things to find victories in, but it’s still about the checkered flag.”

Kurt Busch is one of the most experienced and successful active drivers in the Cup Series right now. Over 30 wins, more than 330 top-10 finishes, and another Daytona 500 qualification. This season, he hopes to get himself into the playoffs yet again, as well as teammate Bubba Wallace.

Kurt Busch Talks Impact of Winning Daytona 500

On Kurt Busch’s suit, he will have the Champion logo under the Daytona 500 logo. Few others in the race can say the same. Busch also boasts a 2017 Daytona 500 victory. His experience will be invaluable, but it is his talent as a driver that makes him so dangerous. Wallace will try to traverse the race with him as the two will lineup as 16 and 17 in the field, respectively.

With an exciting team behind him and hopping behind the wheel of a brand new car, Busch is excited to start this season. He says that since his Daytona victory made it feel, “like the whole cup was full.” He went on saying, “Now everything I do is the whipped cream and cherry on top.”

Someone is going to have their life changed by Daytona tomorrow. No matter if they are a first-time winner or a multiple-time winner. This race is huge. It sets the tone for the season. Kurt Busch is hoping to have a strong showing and make 23XI a contender.

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