Tyler Reddick Explains ‘Crazy Day’ After Spoiler Win at Texas Motor Speedway

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

If you thought that the NASCAR race in Texas today was wild, imagine living it at 180 MPH like the winner Tyler Reddick did this Sunday. Just a reminder for everyone, this race started at 3:30 p.m. and didn’t end until after 9:00 p.m. EST. It was a hot day that caused slick conditions and intense tire wear. Plus, Reddick’s list of issues.

While it looked like the Richard Childress Racing driver was near flawless on the day, he wasn’t at all. He had issues throughout his afternoon and night and while sitting in victory lane, his first win on an oval, he reflected on how improbable it all was.

“This was a crazy day. It would take about an hour to go through all the things that went wrong. I got hit on pit road, I got hit on the race track. We slung two lug nuts on it road, the door pad came off and got into my steering wheel and I about crashed,” he said.

“I can keep going but it was like one of those days where you’re just waiting for the final blow to take you out. We had so many things happen. . .We won, I don’t know how to explain it.”

Tyler Reddick withstood the restarts and had some great power when it came to hitting the green flags. He got out more than a second on the field with ease and didn’t look back. They had a worry about how long the tires would last. However, it didn’t matter.

Even with the issues for almost every driver all day, Reddick was able to put this one away and get his third win of the season and his career. Has to be bittersweet for Richard Childress, but I bet the 23XI guys are ready to welcome their new driver in 2024.

Tyler Reddick Wins One Week Late

I’m sure that Tyler Reddick won’t care as he carries around that cowboy hat trophy. Still, he has to be thinking about what could have been if he was just one week earlier on his win. Bristol and Texas are two completely different tracks of course, but playing the fourth spoiler in four races has to be some consolation for the No. 8.

This RCR team has had some fast cars and great races. It might have seemed improbable for Reddick, and maybe he wouldn’t have won at a different track – today though he was the last one standing so to speak. There were a lot of talented drivers that hit the wall and were taken out early. That meant others could capitalize.

Tyler Reddick wins another race. Yet again, the playoff drivers fail to take a checkered flag home. Is this what we will see the rest of the way?