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WATCH: Bubba Wallace Becomes ‘Fry Master’ Serving Up Food at McDonald’s

by Jonathan Howard
Bubba Wallace with Ronald McDonald
(Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

While he’s got some NASCAR Cup Series racing to do this Sunday, Bubba Wallace was serving as fry master at a local McDonald’s. Friday afternoon, some folks were served up some hot, fresh burgers and fries from Bubba himself. Of course, DoorDash was involved as well.

We have seen NASCAR drivers do similar things in the past. It’s fun to put these athletes into a real working environment and see how they do. It looked like it was mostly just fun for Bubba Wallace as he struggled to open the fry box and get the food going.

Now, Bubba is pretty fast on the track. But his skills in the kitchen might need some help.

Look, if you can work at a McDonald’s or another fast food place and come out without major burns on your hands and arms – it’s a win. So, Bubba Wallace looks like he’s winning here. Phoenix has a new face at the Golden Arches this weekend.

The only problem is… I don’t know if some of the customers really knew who was giving them their food. I’m just glad it looks like he knows how to salt those fries the right way.

23XI Racing knows how to get the sponsor out there front and center. Bubba Wallace is going to be rocking his McDonald’s scheme this weekend in the desert. Phoenix is going to be as hot as a fresh large fry.

Bubba Wallace Focused on Getting Toyota Better

After his shift at McDonald’s is over, Bubba Wallace will be focused on the United Rentals Work United 500. Phoenix is the first short track that the series is going to race at this season. When they take the track for practice on Friday night, it will be the first time these drivers have used this new race package.

Last week, Wallace was the top Toyota driver. Not just that, he was the top finisher not in a Chevy and not from Hendrick Motorsports. Bubba is having a pretty solid season so far and is just looking for that opening to really make some noise.

Perhaps Phoenix Raceway is where he does it. Then again, it might not be. These short tracks aren’t Bubba Wallace’s forte, but he’s improved considerably.

With 23XI Racing getting both cars to the finish line last week, it’s only up from here. These Toyotas have been fast, they just keep getting wrecked. Phoenix is the next step along the way.