WATCH: Bubba Wallace Roasted by Fellow NASCAR Drivers for Past Fashion Choice

by Jonathan Howard

It’s been 10 years since the legendary NASCAR Next class of 2012 came onto the scene. Bubba Wallace is still catching strays, too. For those that don’t remember, Wallace used to be quite a fashion icon. While he was coming up through the ranks as a teenager, he was known for having a certain look.

During the NASCAR Next Now series premiere, drivers such as Wallace, Ryan Blaney, Kyle Larson, Corey LaJoie, Daniel Suárez, and Chase Elliott (in spirit) got together to reminisce.

NASCAR Next Class of 2012 Jokes on Bubba Wallace

One of the topics was the fact that Bubba Wallace used to almost always rock a diamond stud earring in one ear. Kaitlyn Vincie, the host along with Mamba Smith, brought up the old fashion choice. It used to be a trademark of sorts. And his boss, Michael Jordan, is the king of the single gold hoop earring. Why not bring it back?

“I became the stud myself,” Bubba said as the other driver laughed and chimed in themselves. “I had an earring in since fourth grade and it just kinda felt like me, until I realized it wasn’t me. My hole is like permanent, so I could probably stick one in right now and rock it.”

“It wasn’t a stud. It was a f***ing square is what it was,” Ryan Blaney said.

“I’m gonna show up to Daytona [with one], and wax all y’all’s asses,” Wallace said as LaJoie and others told him to get earrings up his entire ear. Now that would be a look. Kinda like a punk rock version of the 23XI driver?

Watch the rest of the video and see all the great moments for yourself. This is just one of many times during the reunion when things got off the rails a bit.

NASCAR Next has produced some certifiable stars. There is no denying that. However, the 2012 class will always be special. Between them, they have tons of wins, multiple championships, and a whole hell of a lot of NASCAR starts.

It looks like Bubba Wallace didn’t rock the stud again at Daytona. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t see it in the future. Or, he can just borrow a hoop from MJ, right?