WATCH: NASCAR’s Brad Moran Reveals Issue That Got Denny Hamlin, Kyle Busch Disqualified at Pocono

by Jonathan Howard

So, we got the details on Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch’s disqualifications. NASCAR Managing Director Brad Moran spoke out. These moments are extremely rare in the sport. Fans have lost their minds in the aftermath, and most of all – folks are wondering why? Whatever NASCAR found on these cars must have been especially egregious to warrant this.

During postrace comments, Moran, who is the Managing Director for the Cup Series, took questions about the decision. The sport doesn’t want to make it a habit of having to DQ winners, but they were left with no choice.

“We were doing our post-race inspections,” Moran said. “There were some issues discovered that affect [the aerodynamics] of the vehicle. The part was the front facia, and there really was no reason why there was some material somewhere where it shouldn’t have been and that basically comes down to a DQ. It is a penalty both first 11 of Denny Hamlin and 18 of Kyle Busch have been DQ’d. Their vehicles are being loaded into a NASCAR hauler, they’re going to be taken to the R&D Center.

“The final results have been changed to show that the two DQs were there. They have the opportunity to appeal it, and it’ll be all sorted out by next week.”

Check out the rest of his post-race comments in the video below.

If Denny Hamlin had won the race, it would have been his third of the season. He would have officially passed Jeff Gordon for the most wins ever at Pocono Raceway in the Cup Series. Oh, and he would have tied Tony Stewart with 49 career Cup Series wins. However, it wasn’t meant to be, apparently. Instead, Hamlin is making a different kind of history as one of the few drivers ever DQ’d after a win.

Denny Hamlin DQ Changes Things

Of course, this DQ is huge. Denny Hamlin was well on his way to being second in the playoff points standings. He’s still never gotten that elusive Cup Series championship. He needed this win in order to help get him in a position to do that this season. Now, he’s gotta come up with something else.

On top of that, the fact that Kyle Busch was also taken out of the race, giving it to Chase Elliott – is massive. Elliott has been the best driver this season. Especially the last five weeks or so. He has three wins and two runners-up to his record in that time span.

I have a feeling when we see someone lift that trophy in Phoenix later this year, we’ll be talking about what went down at Pocono.