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WATCH: NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace Wipes Out Riding Skateboard on Circuit of the Americas Track

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace just can’t seem to catch a break today. Following the turn-16 fiasco, Wallace decided to take his skateboard out onto the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) track, and well, it went as well as his last pit stop.

During the track walk, Wallace just cruised down the track on his longboard. He wasn’t doing any complicated tricks, but for whatever reason, he lost his board just like he lost his wheel, and down he went. The NASCAR racer tried to recover from the mishap, trying to find his footing on the pavement, but he just couldn’t seem to find his balance fast enough. Sure enough, he wiped out on the track, adding salt to his already throbbing wound from earlier in the day.

Fox featured the fall on its “Put it Out!!” segment during its NASCAR coverage in which the commentators at least applauded Bubba Wallace for being “quick on his feet.” Take a look.

Fellow NASCAR reporter Bob Pockrass was on the track with Bubba Wallace when it happened. Following the incident, he tweeted, “Bubba passed us during the track walk Friday and I thought why didn’t I have a skateboard. Now I know why.” 

NASCAR Drive Bubba Wallace Loses a Wheel at COTA

Earlier today, Bubba Wallace was already feeling frustrated after he lost his front-left wheel during the 46th lap in turn 16 at COTA. As Wallace rounded the bend, fans watched in horror as a lugnut popped loose and bounced off the track. A second later, so, too, did his wheel.

The mishap will result in a four-race suspension for Wallace’s pit crew chief Bootie Barker as well as front tire changer Michael Louria and jackman Caleb Dirks.

Following the incident, NASCAR fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment with Bubba Wallace’s crew.

“Working with Bubba Wallace is different than anyone else. You f—k up on his car, you fuel the fire of people that threaten him every week. I’m SO TIRED of them making him look bad. He can’t do a damn thing if he spends one whole stage with a loose wheel & the next, it falls off,” one irritated NASCAR watcher wrote.

The same fan continued in another tweet, “Is it fair that there’s extra pressure because of who the driver is? No, it’s not. But because of who he is, this team has more money than they know what to do with. He brings in the sponsors. Now use that money to support him. Hire someone that can put a f—ing tire on a car.”

Another watcher concurred, “And the #23 car is done. @BubbaWallace could tell early on that something was wrong with the left rear. It had to do with the pin(s). Like Bubba said, just one week it would be nice for it to all just work. @23XIRacing.”