WATCH: NASCAR Driver Corey LaJoie Reps WWE Summer Slam Paint Scheme at Pocono

by Jonathan Howard

We love great paint schemes don’t we, Outsiders? What would NASCAR be without them? Corey LaJoie has a great one in store for Pocono. Teaming up with WWE, LaJoie is going to have a Summer Slam scheme that features the headlining match – Roman Reigns against Brock Lesnar. It’s going to be quite a weekend for a segment of NASCAR and wrestling fans that overlap.

Now, Corey LaJoie is no stranger to bright and wild paint schemes. He’s had some solid ones that pop out on the track. This one is another special scheme.

Corey LaJoie – Heavyweight Champion?

You just have to see this for yourself. Check out the tweet below and see LaJoie with the WWE title in his hands.

The more I think about it, a weekend of Summer Slam and the Tricky Triangle sounds like the perfect sports weekend. For Corey LaJoie, this scheme is going to have all eyes on him. Perhaps he’ll find himself vying for another checkered flag like he did in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago? You never know what might happen, but I’d love to see this No. 7 get a P5 or better.

Oh, and in case you want to know what Corey LaJoie thinks about the championship bout? He’s going with Roman Reigns. It’s all about the hair, y’all. Check out these photos for some stills to admire.

Let’s just hope for a better result this weekend for LaJoie than what he had in New Hampshire this past Sunday. He couldn’t follow up his impressive Atlanta performance with another one of his own. However, that might change with two legends like Reigns and Lesnar on the front of his car.

That Spire Motorsports team is going to keep looking for a checkere flag. However, Pocono might belong to another driver on Sunday.

Will History Be Made in Pennsylvania?

When Corey LaJoie and the rest of the NASCAR Cup Series field lines up on Sunday – one man will have a chance at history. It’s Denny Hamlin. Right now, Hamlin is tied for the most career Cup wins at the track. The Tricky Triangle just goes with Hamlin’s style. He won his first career race there as a rookie and then swept the second race that same season in 2006.

If Hamlin captures the checkered flag, it will be his seventh career win at the track. He will pass Jeff Gordon who he is currently tied with for that solo record. Hamlin already has two wins on the year, why not add a third?

As for LaJoie, he’s focused on finishing this week. And, maybe taking another stab at a checkered flag.