WATCH: NASCAR Drivers Hilariously Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

by Jonathan Howard

Perhaps one of the best bits that toxicity on social media has produced is mean tweets, and the NASCAR edition is hilarious. When it comes to mean tweets, sports Twitter can be the worst of the worst. It is a place where hot takes fly and people don’t hold back any punches. While it ranges from mild teasing to outright insults and awful words, sometimes you just gotta laugh at it.

Even some of the most liked figures in the sport have their fair share of haters. Then, there are the villains of NASCAR who just seem to embrace it all and make it part of their persona.

Take a look at the video below and see some of these hilarious responses.

“Friendly reminder that Joey Logano sucks,” can you believe someone would say that????

Also, how could anyone be mean to Michael McDowell? He drives his Love’s 34 and minds his own business, at least that’s how I see it. Leave that man and his Ford Mustang alone, NASCAR fans!

You know you’re going to see guys like Logano and Brad Keselowski in these videos. Then, there are the older guys like Kevin Harvick that have earned long-term grudges from fans throughout his decades-long career. Sometimes, time can’t heal all wounds.

When you win races, and you do it your own way like Logano and Keselowski, people are going to hate. However, the hate on the young guys like Harrison Burton is strange. Give the kid a chance, he’s just 21 years old and has a bright career ahead of him if things play out how his team and the driver himself believe they can.

The best part of these videos is taking insults and making them the butt of a joke, taking that power away from them.

Bubba Wallace Asks Why NASCAR Doesn’t Do His Mean Tweets

Of course, seeing the mean tweets other NASCAR drivers got, Bubba Wallace had to chime in. Why wasn’t he included? He was joking and making light of a lot of the intense hate that he can receive online at times. You can’t help but laugh along with the No. 23 driver because he does get a lot of unwarranted hate coming his way. It ain’t easy being Bubba…online that is.

Look… I don’t care who the driver is or what the tweet says, Bubba Wallace has every other NASCAR driver beat in the mean tweets category.