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WATCH: NASCAR Hauler Crashed Into Tunnel at Atlanta Motor Speedway

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

On Saturday, the Atlanta infield tunnel claimed a NASCAR Xfinity car hauler, and there’s a video of the hauler’s crash aftermath.

Racing News picked up on the Fox Sports Twitter clip and filled race fans in on more details.

Dutch Racer’s Day Goes From Bad To Worse 

Whose hauler was it? That would be Mooresville, N.C.-based Reaume Brothers Racing. Oof. 

The team hauler transported Xfinity racer Loris Hezemans’s car on Saturday. But Saturday wasn’t much of a race day for the Dutchman.

Driving in the No. 38 Hezeberg Systems Toyota, the two-time NASCAR Whelen Euro Series winner wrecked early after qualifying 34th. Ty Gibbs went on to win the Nally Cars 250 in overtime.

As the team left the track for the day, the tunnel out of the infield caught a piece of Hezemans’s truck trailer. The driver was not injured, but two things come to mind. First, did the trailer just catch on something?. Secondly, did the truck driver not know which tunnel to exit?

Nope. He just went through the wrong, smaller tunnel.

Fox Sports cameras caught the top of the truck and its heavily-damaged front soon after the incident. From the video, the tunnel sheered the air conditioner on the top clean off. You have to wonder if there was a loud scrape or what.

Early reports have the team competing at next week’s Circuit of the Americas race in Austin, Texas. 

The North Carolina team had two Trucks compete in Saturday’s race. Thad Moffitt (No. 43) and Chris Hacker (No. 33) raced, with Hacker taking 17th place. Moffitt had a terrible day, taking a DNF after a mechanical issue. When the problem happened, he was running in the top 20.

Social Media Is There NASCAR Hauler’s Crash

NASCAR guy Matt Courson ran up to the truck and shot a few photos.

That was enough to stir up the truck drivers and track experts

Shawn McLaughlin responded, saying, “Poor guy. It’s easier to do than you would think in a truck.” 

McLaughlin’s comment got an instant rebuttal from Twitter user Big Duck Daddy who said, “I’ve been driving for over 30 years. I’ve never done that.”

Others zoomed in on the truck’s owner, and it’s Not For Hire signposting. One Twitter feller named Denny Delivers added, “might wanna change that…”

Twitter fan Mike Hutton went as far as to post Reaume Brothers Racing’s address. He joked drivers should send their resumes there.

Many couldn’t understand why the truck driver didn’t go out the way he came in. Twitter user Sean Strasser said the person “tried to go out the service tunnels to get out of the track.” 

Casey Stevenson’s post got a few likes. Stevenson said, “the low clearance is right in his vision. Go out the way you went in.”