WATCH: NASCAR Stars Bubba Wallace and Denny Hamlin Try Their Hand at Olympic Sports

by Jonathan Howard

Have you ever wondered how your favorite NASCAR driver would do in a bobsled? Well, Bubba Wallace and Denny Hamlin have your back. The two Toyota drivers participated in a little retreat with Toyota and some other Toyota athletes. What’s a better spot for a work trip with a bunch of athletes than the Utah Olympic Park? The perfect place to see just how talented these drivers are when they aren’t sitting behind the wheel of a car.

Bubba Wallace filmed the whole thing for his YouTube channel, and we have to thank him for that. If some of these moments went unrecorded, lost to the dustbin of history – I’m not sure I’d want to live in that world. Things got started with Bubba and Denny getting some introductions to the park and what they were going to be doing.

So, they tried out bobsledding. We all know it, some of us love it, and most of us watch it once every four years. Still, it’s fast, there are helmets involved – this is the perfect thing for Denny and Bubba to try. They load up with Chris Mazdzer, a Winter Olympic medalist, just not in the bobsled, and hit the track.

A little crash course to keep the drivers from getting themselves thrown around like a cheap carnival ride and off they went. Of course, they didn’t go super fast, but they got down to the finish line in one piece.

While the entire five-minute video is a lot of fun, the best part is from Bubba Wallace himself. The No. 23 driver strapped into some skis and decided to ramp down into the 50-degree water all by himself.

Check it out below and see for yourself.

Bubba Wallace Gets Serious for Daytona

While Bubba Wallace and his Toyota teammate/23XI team owner had a ton of fun in Utah, it’s time to get serious. Daytona is this Saturday. Things are winding down in the regular season. One more race left to get into the postseason. Teammate Kurt Busch is out of the playoffs, but Wallace could find himself among the lucky 16 drivers when the checkered flag waves.

It’s going to take a win. Right now, Bubba is among the favorites. 12/1 odds put him only behind Chase Elliott heading into the weekend. Of course, it’s easier said than done to get a win at Daytona. He’s finished runner-up the last two times at this track. Is it about time that he punches his ticket to the next stage?

This has been one heck of a season in NASCAR. Call it the silly season, whatever you want. We’ve had some great racing, some intense drama, and there is still more to be seen. Buckle up, Outsiders. Daytona is about 48 hours away.